Transfer WeChat Photos To PC From iPhone With Broken Screen

How to transfer wechat photos to PC from iPhone with broken screen? One customer said that his iPhone screen was broken and what he needs are some photos from his wechat app. He wondered whether there are methods to help him export wechat photos from broken iPhone to computer. So what do you think of the problem? I think it is quite easy to transfer those photos from wechat app to your PC. If you have saved wechat photos to iPhone Album, when you connect your iPhone to the computer and yo...

How Can I Save My WeChat Messages And Contacts To Computer?

My iPhone's software has messed up during an upgrade and the restore doesn't work properly the phone glitches and lags.I don't want to have to erase all my wechat contacts and messages. So how can I save my wechat data from iPhone 6s Plus, iOS 9.1? Thanks.  Obviously, this user wants to save all WeChat messages and contacts from his iPhone. After upgrade, data from iPhone messed up. So how to help him save those WeChat contacts and messages he needs? Yeah, you can either back up those WeC...