Photos Missing In WeChat Messages, How To Recover Them?

Help please. I have some photos missing from my WeChat messages. Those photos are important to me. So can any one help me to recover my missing photos from WeChat messages? Thanks in advance. My device is iPhone 6, iOS 9.  The above user lost some photos from his WeChat messages and he was urgent to recover them. So is there any way to recover missing photos from WeChat messages on iPhone 6? Some people hold the idea that it is difficult to get back those missing photos from WeChat messag...

How To Restore WeChat Photos From My iTunes Backup Selectively?

I have used iTunes to back up WeChat data from my iPhone. But now, I just need to restore only WeChat photos from the iTunes backup. I don't want to erase other new added data to my iPhone. So can you show me the detailed steps to restore WeChat photos from my iTunes backup? Thanks. iPhone 5s, iOS 9. Actually the question here is quite simple: how to restore WeChat photos from iTunes backup selectively? Recently, as WeChat has become more and more popular, more and more people have proble...