How To Recover Deleted WeChat Contacts On iPhone 7 (iOS 11 included)?

Indeed, it's a common phenomenon that your iPhone contacts, photos, messages, etc. inexplicably disappear after an update or factory reset, causing great inconvenience to most iPhone users. Then how to recover disappeared data becomes the biggest headache. Frankly speaking, iFonebox is a trustworthy data recovery program for you to recover deleted WeChat contacts on iPhone 7. It enables to recover as many 17 kinds of data in various scenarios. Have you ever experienced these kinds of data...

How Can I Recover Deleted WeChat Contacts From iCloud Backup?

It is well known that iCloud automatically backs up your iPhone over Wi-Fi every day while it's turned on, locked, and connected to a power source. What kind of data does iCloud usually include? If you go to Settings>iCloud, you can find out for yourself. However, you can’t recover only deleted WeChat contacts from iCloud backup unless you restore the whole backup to your device, which would erase all content on your iPhone, and the process could also wipe out some new and important data ...