Can I Restore Deleted Pictures On WeChat For iPhone?

I need your help. I have deleted some pictures on wechat app and later, I found those photos important. So is there any way to restore deleted pictures on wechat from my iPhone? I just got an iTunes backup for my iPhone, but I don't want the whole backup erasing my iPhone data. So could you have any method to help me? Thanks. iPhone 5s To conclude, the question here is how to restore deleted pictures on wechat app from iPhone? The easiest way is to find those deleted photos from your came...

Selectively Restore Lost WeChat Messages From iTunes Backup

Could you help me? I deleted some wechat messages from iPhone and just got an iTunes backup for them. I used to restore the whole iTunes backup to my iPhone and then, I found that some data on iPhone will be overwritten, so please help me to restore only wechat messages from iTunes backup. Thanks for help. iPhone  It is obvious that this user wants to restore lost wechat messages from iTunes backup selectively. To be honest, when it refers to iPhone data recovery issue, most people will c...