How To Get Back Lost Wechat Audio Messages From iPhone 7?

wechat audio messages recovery
“I was trying to favorite some audio messages in Wechat, who knows I accidentally tap the “trash can” symbol, and now there are gone, any solutions on getting back my audio messages from Wechat? Thank you.” Wechat, a well-known social messaging apps which support text and voice messages. Therefore, Wechat has play an important role in our life. If the messages accidentally deleted or lost like our readers, don’t be panic. In this tutorial will be mainly focus on how to recover deleted Wechat...

How To Recover Blocked Or Deleted WeChat Contacts On iPhone?

I need to find some wechat contacts blocked on wechat app. I don't know whether I have deleted them from iPhone, now I just cannot find them. So can you help you to recover blocked or deleted wechat contacts on iPhone? Thanks millions time. iPhone 6, iOS 9.3.1 When you feel bothered or interrupted by someone in WeChat, you can choose to block him or her. But sometimes, you need to find those blocked wechat contacts for some unknown reasons. So is there any way to retrieve blocked wechat c...

How Can I Recover Deleted WeChat ID On iPhone?

How can I recover deleted WeChat ID from my iPhone? I just deleted my friend's WeChat ID by mistake and I need it. Can I find it? Please help me to get back deleted wechat id. Thanks. iPhone, iOS 9 It is pretty common to delete some WeChat ID from iPhone by accident. The good thing is if you have an iTunes or iCloud backup for those deleted wechat ID, you can restore them from iPhone backup directly. However, when restoring from iTunes or iCloud backup directly, you may take the risk of e...

Selectively Restore Lost WeChat Messages From iTunes Backup

Could you help me? I deleted some wechat messages from iPhone and just got an iTunes backup for them. I used to restore the whole iTunes backup to my iPhone and then, I found that some data on iPhone will be overwritten, so please help me to restore only wechat messages from iTunes backup. Thanks for help. iPhone  It is obvious that this user wants to restore lost wechat messages from iTunes backup selectively. To be honest, when it refers to iPhone data recovery issue, most people will c...

I Lost My iPhone, How Do I Get Back WeChat Messages?

I need your help. Somebody stole my iPhone and I was so upset. The most important data for me on iPhone is my wechat messages, which are related to my business. So can you help you to get back my wechat messages? Thanks.  It is quite upset and troublesome to have iPhone stolen, for we will keep important data or information on iPhone, just as the above iPhone user. He lost all wechat messages related to business after iPhone got stolen. So the question is how to get back wechat messages f...

How To Extract Photos From WeChat App On iPhone?

How to extract photos from wechat app on iPhone? I need to transfer some photos from wechat to my computer, but now I have not found any method to do that. So can you help me to extract photos from wechat app on my iPhone? Any suggestions are welcomed. Thanks. iPhone 5, ios 8 Usually, we want to keep some photos from wechat app to computer or for other use, but we always are troubled by the way to do it. That is, how to extract photos from wechat app on iPhone? In other words, how to tran...