Recover Disappeared WeChat Contacts From iPhone With iOS 11

How to recover disappeared wechat contacts from iPhone with iOS 11? I have updated my iPhone to iOS 11 for testing purpose but some wechat contacts are gone from iPhone. I need them. Please help me to find them. Thanks very much, iPhone 6s with iOS 11  In a word: how to retrieve missing wechat contacts from iPhone running iOS 11? Nowadays most people prefer to wechat app to send wechat photos or interesting sights to share with their friends. Thus, we always feel anxious when it comes to ...

How To Recover Blocked Or Deleted WeChat Contacts On iPhone?

I need to find some wechat contacts blocked on wechat app. I don't know whether I have deleted them from iPhone, now I just cannot find them. So can you help you to recover blocked or deleted wechat contacts on iPhone? Thanks millions time. iPhone 6, iOS 9.3.1 When you feel bothered or interrupted by someone in WeChat, you can choose to block him or her. But sometimes, you need to find those blocked wechat contacts for some unknown reasons. So is there any way to retrieve blocked wechat c...

How Can I Recover Deleted WeChat ID On iPhone?

How can I recover deleted WeChat ID from my iPhone? I just deleted my friend's WeChat ID by mistake and I need it. Can I find it? Please help me to get back deleted wechat id. Thanks. iPhone, iOS 9 It is pretty common to delete some WeChat ID from iPhone by accident. The good thing is if you have an iTunes or iCloud backup for those deleted wechat ID, you can restore them from iPhone backup directly. However, when restoring from iTunes or iCloud backup directly, you may take the risk of e...