How To Recover Deleted WeChat Contacts From iPhone SE?

I have a question: how to get back my deleted wechat contacts from new iPhone? I don't have any backup for those deleted contacts in wechat app, so how to recover? Please help me. Thanks. iPhone SE, iOS 9.3 It is quite common to delete some significant data like wechat contacts from new iPhone by accident. The worst thing is it is too late for you to back up those mistakenly deleted data before. So how to recover deleted wechat contacts from iPhone? When you are encountered with such a si...

Retrieve Deleted Wechat History From iPhone SE No Backup

Hello, please help me. I want to recover some wechat history deleted by my son, but those deleted wechat history are not backed up by iTunes or iCloud, which means, I have no backup for deleted data. How can I retrieve deleted wechat history on my iPhone? I need your help urgently. Please show me. Thanks, iPhone  Obviously, it is a good habit to back up your iPhone data with iTunes or iCloud timely, just in case of data loss proble happening, As the above user described, he had difficulty...

How To Recover Deleted WeChat Messages From iPhone SE?

get back lost wechat chat history
Can you show me how to recover deleted wechat messages on my iPhone SE? I don't have any iTunes or iCloud backup for deleted wechat messages, is there any way to get them back? Thanks.  A new wave of iOS data loss problem is approaching as Apple has released iPhone SE to the public. Just as the above iPhone SE user asked: how to recover deleted wechat messages from iPhone SE? As WeChat plays an important part in our daily life, most people have the requirements to recover deleted or lost ...