How Do I Get Back WeChat Contacts On iPhone?

How do I get back wechat contacts on iPhone? I need help. I am new to wechat app and I don't known where is my wechat contacts after reinstall it. So can you help you me to find back all wechat contacts from iPhone? Thanks.  As WeChat becomes more and more popular, most people will turn to use WeChat to contact their friends or families. To those who new to WeChat, there may be the problem: how to get back wechat contacts on iPhone? Actually, I think it depends. If you just uninstall wech...

How To Retrieve Deleted History For WeChat On iPhone 6s?

Help. I have deleted some wechat history on my iPhone 6s but now, I need them back, for those are related to my business. Is there any way to retrieve them? Thanks. iPhone 6s, iOS 9 As WeChat becomes a more and more popular instant message app, most people will use WeChat to send messages or photos to their friends. So when some important wechat history are deleted by accident, how to retrieve them from iPhone, just as the above user asked? Actually, it is not difficulty to retrieve delet...

How To Save WeChat Images From iPhone To Computer For Free Space?

“Oh, God. The wechat app occupies too much memory on the phone. I want to clear the chat history to make more room for other apps. But, I need the pictures cache on the wechat history. Is it possible to save the pictures only before clear the wechat history?” We all know that photos take up much more space that text messages in wechat app, so most people will need to back up or save those wechat images from iPhone to their computer just for much free space on iPhone. It is safe to transfe...