How To Retrieve Trashed Messages Back To iPhone?

I lost text messages. I was unable to recover those old trashed messages from my iPhone 6. Those messages are important to me and I need them for court related reasons. So could you help me to retrieve them? Thanks. iPhone 6, iOS 9.2 So how to retrieve trashed messages back to iPhone just as this user asked? It is always troublesome and upset when some important messages are deleted by accident. However, the good new is that there are methods to retrieve those trashed messages back to iPh...

Steps To Transfer WeChat Photos From iPhone To Mac

Is there any possibility to transfer my wechat photos from iPhone to Mac? I have some photos in wechat app and I need to transfer them to Mac so as to keep them. Can you help me? My device is iPhone 6, iOS 9. Thanks for your help.  Usually, people will need to transfer some photos from WeChat app to better keep them or for other use. So when you encounter with the same problem, have you ever found a method to transfer all WeChat photos from iPhone to Mac? In fact, we've get a simple metho...