Tips That Avoid Data Loss After Update To iOS 12 Developer beta 9

save data in case that your iphone fails in updating to ios 12 beta 9

iOS 12 developer beta 9 has been released by Apple last night, and many of iPhone users can’t wait to update their device to the latest version. As a friendly reminder, you’d better also follow the tips to protect data in case that your iPhone fails in updating to iOS 12 beta 9.

Tip One: Check compatibility for your device

Most iPhone or iPad can be updated to iOS 12 beta 9, but it’s also necessary to be sure. Because it will be affected by many unstable threats like system breakdown, power failure or network instability.

Tip Two: Create a backup using iTunes or iCloud

Data loss happens more commonly than we think that is why we are all advised to create backups of all the data on our devices. Especially for an iOS update, numerous uncertainty factors may occur at any time.

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Tip Three: Know your passcode of device

You’re required to enter the passcode on your device once the update process coming to an end. Most iPhone users may get used to the touch ID and don’t remember the passcode clearly, as a result, you may have no choice but to restore and erase your iPhone.

Tip Four: Have your Apple ID ready

After you update to iOS 12 beta 9, sign in with your Apple ID to access all Apple services, like iCloud and the App Store, especially when you enable the Find My iPhone. If you can’t recall your account or passcode, you might be refused to continue accessing your iPhone.

Tip Five: Charge up the battery

Actually, iPhone or iPad would consume the power while an update, if iOS device is extremely low on power, it is unable to support the whole upgrade performance, and system bankrupt may happen. So please charge up the battery to save data in case that your iPhone fails in updating to iOS 12 beta 9.

Tip Six: Ensure available storage on device

Have you been asked to temporarily remove apps because iOS needs more space for the update? View the size of the latest iOS installation package before each update, and transfer or delete some data or files for more available storage.

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Tip Seven: Under favorable network environment

Stable network connection is extremely important for downloading the installation package. Device is easily get stuck and data would be lost once the process was interrupted, or you can update manually using iTunes on a computer that you trust.

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