Can I Preview And Extract Only WeChat Contacts From iCloud?

export only wechat contacts from icloud

Is it possible to extract only WeChat Contacts without iCloud or from iCloud, because I dont want to restore the whole backup to my iPhone. Please help!!!

As we all know, Apple offers different options for you to be able to restore data to your iPhone by using iTunes or iCloud. No matter what kind of manner you choose, all existing data on your device will get threaten, this is because they will be overwritten by the whole backup. Then you may ask: Is there any chance to extract only WeChat Contacts from iCloud? The answer is absolutely Yes and iFonebox can help you get out of this kinds of dilemma easily.

As an extraordinary and outstanding iOS data recovery software, iFonebox allows you to recover data directly from iPhone, extract iTunes and iCloud backup files. Compared to traditional extraction mode, iFonebox is able to export only WeChat Contacts from iCloud without restoring the whole backup. In other words, you don’t have to wipe out any existing data on your device.

Instead of downloading only WeChat Contacts from iCloud, iFonebox is designed for various kinds of data requirement, including recovery, transfer, backup and preview. Main features listed below can help you get a better understanding of this tool:

  • Preview Available: Verify data in detail before recovery
  • Flexible Recovery: Three advanced recovery modeto salvage data loss
  • Safe Recovery: Existing data will not be overwritten
  • Compatible with a large range of devices and iOS system
  • Ease of Use: Intuitive user interface and well organized
  • 100% Security: Protect your privacy and recover your data with the highest success rate

Besides, the interface of iFonebox is visualized, vivid and legible for users to understand and implement. Furthermore, iFonebox has a great compatibility even with latest iOS version. You can find Windows Version and Mac Version below, just make sure to download the right version for your computer.

Step 1: Run iFonebox and Sign in with your Apple ID

Turn on the iFonebox after completing the download, then just click the Recover from iCloud Backup at the upper-right corner of the interface. You’ll be asked to sign in with your Apple ID account and password correctly.

Recover from iCloud1

Step 2: Download data from iCloud backup.

After you have selected one iCloud backup to download, iFonebox will start the downloading process. Also, you can select only WeChat Contacts to download to save more time.

Recover from icloud3

Step 3: Scan the data that you want to recover

Click on WeChat Contacts item to start scanning automatically. You’ll be required to wait patiently while the circle is rotating continually and quickly.

Mode one interface

Step 4: Check and recover your missing data

It’s time to get your WeChat contacts back, all you need is select the information you want and click the Recover to PC, then the task is accomplished.


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