WeChat App Won’t Turn On after iOS 12 Update

wechat app quits unexpectedly after ios 12 update

Someone help!!! I upgraded my iPhone 7 to the latest iOS 11 and I cant launch my WeChat app any more. Once I turn on the app, it quits so quickly that I cant even preview it. What happened to my WeChat, is there any solution to cover the issue? Thanks!!!

Apple officially released the iOS 12 to fix bugs and improve performance. iPhone, iPad and iPod touch make our life simple, but what if there is another problem persisting on your device? Have you got into the trouble that WeChat app won’t turn on after ios 12 update? Stop panic, here’re some suggestions that can help you.

Tip One: Restart your iPhone.

Tip Two: Force restart iPhone.

Hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time until you see the Apple logo appears.

Tip Three: Re-install the WeChat App

Highlight the app on the Home screen, then press and hold the Touch surface until the app jiggles. Press , then select Delete. Open the App Store and redownload the app.

Tip Four: Contact the app developer

Question: WeChat app quits unexpectedly after ios 12 update, is there any chance to recover WeChat data once we can’t access it any more?

Don’t worry, iFonebox can help you get out of this predicament. As a professional and trustworthy iOS data recovery software, iFonebox plays a great role in data recovery. No matter how you lose data on iPhone intentionally or unexpectedly, there’s always a great chance to get them back with three advanced working modes, even if you’ve never created a backup before. Sounds exciting, isn’t is?

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iFonebox works exceptionally well on almost all iOS devices, including iOS 11, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X. There are two versions accessible for your computer: Mac version and Windows version. The operation interface is intelligent, and following is the step-by-step guide to  the issue for WeChat app crashed after ios 12 update.

Step One: Launch iFonebox. Connect your iPhone to iFonebox with included USB cable after you turn on the program, choose Recover from iOS Device at the upper-left of the interface. Then, click Next to continue.

Recover from ios device (2)

Step Two: Scan data. It will start to scan and analyze the data after you click on the specific icon, the duration depends on the amount of the data, please wait in this stage patiently.

Mode one interface

Step Three: View and Recover. Finally, you can view your data on WeChat after the scan, tick the boxes next the items you need to extract, then just click Recover to PC.


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