How to Retrieve WeChat Messages if no Backup?

recover wechat messages without backup

Since WeChat has quickly become the prime medium, losing them can be quite a pain, it’s like losing a part of your memories! As a iPhone user for many years, I’m certainly can understand the anxiety that takes over when we accidentally delete a really important data. How can we retrieve WeChat messages if no backup? If you If you have the same confusion, please keep reading this article for an ideal solution.

One of the most commonly used methods by which to recover anything on iPhone is through an iCloud backup. However, if you have never backed up your device before or you don’t want to wipe out any existing data on your device, iFonebox can help you get out of the predicament.

What you should know when your iPhone data get lost?

Preventing data from being overwritten will be the priority. Stop adding or deleting data on your phone once your iPhone data get lost, especially when you have no available backup in iTunes or iCloud.

Why choose iFonebox to recover WeChat messages without backup?

As a professional iOS data recovery software, iFonebox is intently designed to recover as many 17 kinds of data loss in various scenarios, even if you’ve never backed up before. It is specially designed to detect right through your device and extract the specific data after an in-depth scan. Besides, compared to traditional restore method, you’ll be allowed to retrieve missing data from device or backup selectively without wiping any existing data you have now.

What else does iFonebox can do?

In addition to regaining WeChat messages from the iPhone itself, iFonebox is also an extraordinary transferring tool for a variety of data and numbers. Once your iPhone need to get repaired, you can back up the device prior to sending it to the repair shop. Furthermore, If you’re sure about the data that stored on your backup, you’ll be allowed to preview the numbers ahead of recovery with the help of iFonebox.

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iFonebox is fully compatible with Win and Mac, iTunes and iOS 6 or higher system, including iPhone X and iOS 11. You can find Windows Version and Mac Version below, just make sure to download the right version for your computer.

Step One: Launch iFonebox. Connect your iPhone to iFonebox with included USB cable after you turn on the program, choose Recover from iOS Device at the upper-left of the interface. Then, click Next to continue.

Recover from ios device (2)

Step Two: Scan data. It will start to scan and analyze the data after you click on the WeChat Messages icon, the duration depends on the amount of the data, please wait in this stage patiently.

Mode one interface

Step Three: View and Recover. Finally, you can view your messages on WeChat after the scan, tick the boxes next the items you need to recover, then just click Recover to PC.



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