How To Fix WeChat Contacts Missing After iOS 11 Update?

 restore wechat contacts after ios 11 update

With many surprises and new features, a growing number of iPhone users can’t wait to update their iOS device to iOS 11. Fresh message effects, new Files app, redesigned control center and more, iOS 11 brings a brand new experience to the world.

However, data loss after a latest iOS update could occur commonly because of any reason such as system breakdown, power failure or network instability. How to recover WeChat contacts after iOS 11 update? You’d better follow the following tips first to protect your data in a safe way:

  • Tip One: Check compatibility for your device
  • Tip Two: Create a backup using iTunes or iCloud
  • Tip Three: Know your passcode of device
  • Tip Four: Have your Apple ID ready
  • Tip Five: Charge up the battery
  • Tip Six: Ensure available storage on device
  • Tip Seven: Under favorable network environment

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If data loss happens unfortunately and you’re finding a way to restore WeChat contacts after iOS 11 update, you can trust iFonebox that can help you. As a professional iOS data recovery software, it is able to recover as many 17 kinds of data in various scenarios, no matter how you lose data on iPhone due to accidental deletion, update failure or iPhone lost, you’re always given three advanced working modes to get them back, even if you’ve never backed up before, there’s still a great chance to retrieve WeChat contacts after iPhone update to iOS 11.

iFonebox is fully compatible with Win and Mac, iTunes and iOS 6 or higher system, including iPhone X and iOS 11. You can find Windows Version and Mac Version below, just make sure to download the right version for your computer.

Step one: Run iFonebox

Connect your iPhone with the computer via included USB cable, launch iFonebox, you’ll be asked to Trust your computer if this is your first time to use this program. Then you’ll see a bold Next, click it and move to step to stage.

Recover from ios device (2)

Step Two: Analyze the data

You need to click WeChat Contacts icon to start scanning, and it will show you a rotating circle, please wait in this step.

Mode one interface

Step Three: Preview and Search

After the scan completes, you’ll find your lost WeChat Contacts, you can also choose recover them to PC if you want.


One thought on “How To Fix WeChat Contacts Missing After iOS 11 Update?

  1. Murali says:

    In the example above you gave Amanda as the name and there is a wxid_xxx account name. However, there is no wechat id. WIthout this, it is impossible to get back the deleted contact. Your software is NOT working to recover the deleted contact. It only gets a wxid_xxx number and this is not useful to get back the deleted the contact. Basically, your software does not work.

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