How To Translate WeChat Messages In English?

 convert wechat messages in english

Ive been invited to a Chinese group to share cooking and food each other. However, my Chinese is not very goog and sometimes I cant quitely understand some conversations. Is there any way that I can translate specific WeChat messages in English? Ant suggestion?

Actually, WeChat is not only a popular program that provides an excellent experience for communication, but also a practical tool that you can’t miss, including translating WeChat messages in English. Do you have any idea how to convert WeChat messages in English? Follow the instructions if you have a same confusion.


Step One: Enter a conversation and find the messages that you need to translate.

Step Two: Press and hold your finger on the target message until a prompt appears.

Step Three: Tap◥icon then keep choosing Translate option

Step Four: Then, you’ll get a translation reference under the Chinese text

After all steps completed, you’re succeed in changing WeChat messages in English. It is amazing, isn’t it?

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