Unbelievable! So Many Additional Features For WeChat!

extra features for wechat

If you start a conversation with specific friend on WeChat, have you ever found out many additional features yourself? Once you press and hold particular messages for more than two seconds, you’ll get the following extra features for WeChat which can make some operation more easily and effectively.

Feature One: Copy

With Copy, you can duplicate specified text message quickly then paste them any area you want. Such as another conversation, Safari or Notes, etc.

Feature Two: Forward

If you’re going to forward specific message to your friends, you don’t have to copy the text first, then paste it to another dialog box. Only tape Forward option, as a result, you’re allowed to send the messages to another conversation.

Feature Three: Favorite

There’re always more than one messages, pictures or videos are especially to us. With Favorite option,you’re able to collect them separately. And you can find them by Me-Favorite.

Feature Four: Reminders

If you need to be reminded by an extremely important messages but don’t have much time to add the event to your Reminders, you can choose Reminders and set the time and data that you want to get the alert.

Feature Five: Translate

You’re chat with a foreign friend and can’t understand very well for specific messages? Don’t worry, With Translate option, you can get a reference translation to the text.

Feature Six: Delete

Once you feel disturbed for some messages, or you feel uncomfortable for some images, you can delete it one by one.

Feature Seven: More

Tap More to discover further attached features for WeChat, like Combine and Forward, Add to Email, Download Item or Save to Album.

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