How To Find Lost WeChat History After Iphone Upgrade To iOS 11.2.1?

undelete lost wechat history after iphone update to ios 11.2.1

While updating our iOS device to the latest version, unexpected system breakdown caused by sudden power failures or network interruption that forcibly close the running programs can result in data damage or loss. How frustrating!

It seems intractable to find lost WeChat history after iPhone upgrade to iOS 11.2.1 without any backup, unless turning to iFonebox for help, which is a professional iOS data recovery, and definitely able to detect the missing data right through the iOS device. Even if there’re no available backup for you, only few steps need to take before your data is back in your hands as long as you have an accessible and well-connected computer.

In addition to undeleting lost WeChat history after iPhone update to iOS 11.2.1, iFonebox is able to retrieve as many as 17 kinds of data, from text to media information. With this irreplaceable application, you can recover lost contacts without backup from iPhone that running iOS 11 easily and conveniently. Even though you’ve lost your iPhone, you’re still in capable of regaining memorable photos from associated backup.

Aside from an excellent iPhone data recovery application, iFonebox is also a great transferring tool which can help you migrate app attachments from iPhone to computer effortlessly. If you don’t want to back up the whole data that stored on your device before each upgrade, you have options to save them selectively with the help of iFonebox.

iFonebox is compatible to almost every kinds of iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, just install the right version to your computer. After downloading it, please follow my instructions to regain lost WeChat messages after iPhone upgrade to iOS 11.2.1.


Step one: Launch the Software

Run iFonebox after you download it on your computer, connect your device to iFonebox with USB cable, then, you’ll see a bold Next in the center of the interface, click it, so you can continue to next stage.

Recover from ios device

Step Two: Scan the data

It will start to scan after you click the WeChat Messages icon, the more data existing, the longer time it will to take to scan, just please wait when you see a rotating circle.


Step Three: View and restore

Finally, you’re able to check the missing WeChat history you want to recover, select the checkbox and retrieve them to your PC.


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