How to Combine And Forward WeChat Messages Quickly?

merge and reply wechat messages quickly

I am trying to share multiple WeChat history to my friends at one time, is there any options for me to make it possible? Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks!!!

What would you do to combine and forward WeChat messages quickly? Are you going to copy the chats then paste them one by one, or just take a screenshot for the history then send the picture to your friends. Undoubtedly, there’re more than one solutions you can complete this operation. At present, I am going to share a way that merge and reply WeChat messages quickly, Let’s get started!

Step One: Launch WeChat and find the chat logs you want to forward.













Step Two: Press and hold your finger on one message until options appear














Step Three: Click ◥icon then choose More option


Step Four: Tick the boxes next to the items you want to forward then tap the specific icon at the bottom left corner


Step Five: Choose Combine and Forward, then select the chat you need and the task is completed.


Above is the detailed instruction that you can combine and transpond WeChat messages quickly. It is amazing, isn’t is?


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