How Can I Turn Off Group Messages Alerts On WeChat?

close group messages alerts on wechat

Sometimes, it is annoying that get successive alerts from some specific WeChat groups. Is it possible to turn off the alerts instead of deleting and leaving the grout chat? Many thanks for urgent help.

Usually, we need to join more than one group chats in our work or daily life. At the same time, you may find it is kind of interruptive when you get continuous alerts, especially when you’re required to focus on. Is there any chance to turn off group messages alerts on on WeChat? If this also sounds like your predicament, keep reading this article to get an effective solution.

Step One: Enter the specific WeChat group chat that you’re going to close the messages alerts.


Step Two: Click the icon at the top right corner of the interface


Step Three: Scroll down the interface, then disable the Mute Notifications.


Congratulations! You’re allowed to avoid getting group messages alerts on WeChat. Once you tap the group chat, you can also get all messages that you haven’t read yet.

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