What should I do if I can’t hear a WeChat voice message on iPhone X?

 advice for trouble that you can’t hear a wechat voice message

Does anyone know what happened to my WeChat voice messages sound? Ive adjust the volume to the maximum, but I still unable to hear the voice messages clearly from my husband, is there any problem to my newly purchased iPhone X?

Have you encountered the similar experience that something unusual on your iPhone or specific applications? What would you do first if you can’t hear a WeChat voice message? Stop panic, I think trying to review your settings will be the priority, and here’s the step:

Step one: Click WeChat icon to launch it, them tap Me at the bottom right corner









Step two: Find Settings item and tap it









Step three: Choose General in this interface








Step four: If Turn Off Speaker is enabled, please turn it off and try again.








Aside from that, there’s another two possibilities that may cause the issue, you can also follow the advice following for the trouble that you can’t hear a WeChat voice message.

Possibility One: Microphone

The other party didn’t speak at the time of recording, or there’s something wrong on his or her microphone, so there was no sound.

Possibility Two: Speaker or Receiver

The smallest possibility is that your phone’s speaker or receiver break down, you can try to restore factory Settings or then send it to the after-sales service.

In conclusion, above are the ips for the situation that you can’t hear a WeChat voice message, hope it can help you.


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