Disable These Features To Protect Your WeChat Privacy

close these features to ensure your WeChat privacy

Nowadays, WeChat has become one of the most important social platforms. Sometimes, people use it more frequently than messages to chat with each other. But at the same time, private information on your WeChat may also under threat, and you have to disable these features to protect your WeChat privacy.

  1. Methods for Friending Me

Under normal circumstances, WeChat ID is bound to our Phone number or QQ ID. As a result, people can search you by these methods. Go to Me-Settings-Privacy- Methods for Friending Me, then disable the Phone or QQ ID to limit the way that people can find you.


  1. People Nearby

People Nearby shows others who are also using this function within your area. If you enable this feature, any person using this function around may send a friend request to you. Go to Me-Settings-General-Features-People Nearby to disable it.


  1. Me-Settings-Privacy

Instead of closing above features to ensure your WeChat privacy, if you go to Me-Settings-Privacy, enable these features can also help you increase the safety of your private WeChat information. You can discover these amazing features yourself.


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