How To Recover Lost WeChat Audio Messages From iPhone 8?

 retrieve missing wechat audio messages from iphone 8

Have you experienced some terrible malfunction to your iPhone device, especially for system breakdown, apps quitting expectedly or screen damage, causing great inconvenience to you, or even worse, data loss. One user form Apple communities has recently experienced a serious case like this:

My WeChat application stuck and hang after sending a video clip to one of my friend which size is bigger than usual. I have to force it to quit, then I was surprised to find that no audio messages shows after opening it. Could anybody teach how to recover them? iPhone 8, iOS 11

If this sounds like your similar predicament, you should know that iFonebox can help you get out of this dilemma. As an outstanding and unsurpassed iPhone data recovery software, iFonebox is definitely the optimum choice for you to recover lost WeChat audio messages from iPhone 8. If your iPhone can be well-connected to the computer, then iFonebox will play a role in data scanning and detecting machine, helping you retrieve missing WeChat audio messages from iPhone 8 automatically.

Learn more about iFonebox.

  1. Help to regain as many as 16 types of data that deleted or lost from iPhone directly or from accessible backup.
  2. Enable to restore your missing data without erasing by the new ones.
  3. Support to preview the data on computer and get them back separately.
  4. Transfer your data to save more storage and backup files on your iPhone.
  5. Fully compatible with Win and Mac, iTunes and iOS 6 or higher system, you’re able to install the program from official website or here, just make sure to download the right version for your computer.

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How to recover audio messages in WeChat from iOS device?

 The easy-to-use interface of iFonebox ensures powerful recovery, follow my instructions to undelete lost WeChat audio messages from iPhone 8 effortlessly and efficaciously. Before we start, you’re required to install iFonebox to your computer, and you can get Windows Version or Mac Version based on your need.

Step one: Run iFonebox

Connect your iPhone with the computer via included USB cable, launch iFonebox, you’ll be asked to Trust your computer if this is your first time to use this program. Then you are supposed to click on Next so that the software can detect the data on your device automatically.

Recover from ios device

Step Two: Analyze the data

It is start to scan and analyze the data after you click the WeChat Messages icon in this screenshot, and it will show you a rotating circle, please wait in this step patiently.


Step Three: Preview and Retrieve

After the scan completes, you’ll see all WeChat messages on your iPhone, if there’re too much information listed, turn on the switch Only display the deleted items, then choose recover them to PC directly.


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