Tips To Know Who Has Blocked You On WeChat App


It is pretty awkward when you send messages to a friend you thought and find out he has blocked you. So how to avoid such an embarrassing moment? Here, I have collected several tips for you which can help to check and know who has blocked or deleted you. Then you can also delete or block them in return.

Tip 1. Make a Group Chat

The most trusty way is you can try making a group chat and adding your friend to it. You don’t have to write anything, just create the chat and see if your friend is able to join. If you can’t see your friend’s moments, but they can join the chat, then you are simply blocked from seeing their moments. Your friend has not deleted you, however.

Here are the steps:

-Launch WeChat.

-Tap Chats.

-Tap the +.

-Go to New Chats.

-Add two or more people (one of whom is the friend that you suspected blocked you).

-Hit OK.

-If your friend can join, but you can’t see their moments, then you are just blocked.

Tip 2. Check the Thumbnail Pictures and Moment

Go to your (possibly former) friend’s personal page. Can you see the thumbnails of their photos? Can you see any of their moments? If not, then you are blocked, though you are still on their contact list and haven’t been deleted.

Tip 3. Check Their “Walking Steps”

Walking Steps is a function of WeChat that is popular with Chinese people, and they use it to keep track of their daily steps. If you’re able to see what their daily steps are, but their moments have disappeared, then you have been blocked from being able to see their moments. However, you aren’t deleted from their contacts.

Tip 4. Send a Message to Your Friend

If you’re willing to send a random message to the person who may have blocked you, this is a good way to know for sure. Come up with some kind of excuse to message them, or find a way to make it look like an accident if you’re too shy to come up with an explanation. If your messages gets sent normally or they reply, then you are not blocked.

On the other hand, if you get a notice that your message can’t be sent or that it was rejected, then you are blocked on WeChat.

Tip 5. Send Messages to All Contacts by Broadcast Function

Are you too embarrassed to send a random message to your friend as mentioned in Tip 4? There’s another way that you can do it: Send a broadcast message. This sends a message to all of your contacts. Try using a timely occasion as an excuse to send the message, and no one will notice the real reason. For example, if it’s close to a holiday, you can send everyone greetings.

On the other hand, if you get a notice that your message can’t be sent or that it was rejected, then you are blocked on WeChat.

-Open WeChat.

-Go to Me, then Settings, then General, then Features.

-Go where it says Broadcast Messages, then tap Send Now.

-Tap New Broadcast Message, and then pick which contacts you want to send to. Make sure that your friend (the one who may be blocking you) is one of the ones added.

-Check to see if there is a rejection message from your friend’s account. This means you are blocked.

Above are 5 different tips which can help you find out whether your friends have blocked you. Hope this is helpful.

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