Can I Find Lost Wechat Audio Messages From iPhone iOS 10.3?

find missing wechat audio messages“My friend found out her Wechat voice messages lost mysteriously after install the latest iOS 10.3. Can she still able to get back her Wechat audio messages? I believe those voice messages were meant so much to her that’s why now she is so panic and frustrated. I hope through my question can someone experience to provide me a solution or advise. Thank you!”

In order to solve the question from one of our readers, we are here to provide a solution on how to retrieve lost Wechat audio messages from iPhone iOS 10.3. It is not unheard of for users to lost their Wechat data on their devices for different kinds of reasons like iOS upgrade and at times the data lost can be mean so much for the user. If you upgrade their the new iOS happily and found out you have lost some of the audio messages on your WeChat and you can’t figure out what to do, read this post to know how to find deleted Wechat audio messages from iPhone iOS 10.3.

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To find missing Wechat audio messages, you definitely need help from a professional Wechat data recovery program named iFonebox. iFonebox is an outstanding software that capable to recover your lost Wechat data such as Wechat audio messages no matter you lose them because of iOS upgrade, mistaken deletion, factory reset, etc. This software is able to recover missing Wechat audio messages from device directly or through iTunes and iCloud backup. Other than Wechat audio messages, iFonebox is able to recover deleted Wechat messages, Wechat contacts and Wechat attachments. As long as is Wechat data or other iOS data, this software can help you to retrieve them back in simple few mouse clicks. However, this guide will specifically focus on how to retrieve lost Wechat audio messages on iPhone iOS 10.3. Keep reading the detailed steps guide below.

How To Retrieve Lost Wechat Audio Messages From iPhone iOS 10.3?

Download and install iFonebox to your computer by clicking the download button below according to your computer system.

windows-download           mac-download

Run iFonebox. Select “Recover from iCloud backup file” as the recovery mode. You are required to log in your iCloud account and password before proceed to next steps. Bear in mind that if you select this recovery mode please do not connect your iOS device with it, in case your data will be modified or updated later.

You may select Wechat only to download in order to reduce the time. After successfully download, you can see your Wechat data on the iFonebox interface.
After scanning process end, you will be able to preview those found Wechat audio messages. Select the deleted Wechat audio messages and tap “Recover to PC” button to finish the whole recovery process. By now, you will be able to access and play your missing Wechat audio messages on your PC.


If you having iTunes backup, you can also select “Recover from iTunes backup file” as the recovery mode to restore deleted Wechat audio messages. The steps are almost similar, select the backup file you want to extract after a list of your iTunes backup file. If you do not find your backup file from the list, kindly click “Select more”, and choose your backup file from the other folder. Once you select the backup file, you can begin the wechat audio messages recovery.

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