How To Backup Wechat Contacts To PC Before Install iOS 10.3?

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“Sorry for disturbing, my sister decided to upgrade her iPhone 7 to iOS 10.3 but she scared that her Wechat contacts will disappeared after she upgrade it. She is seeking ways to backup h
er Wechat contacts to more secure places in case she lost it or whatever, do you guys have any idea of doing this? Please give us some advises. Thank you”

As Wechat has become one of the popular social networking app, they are a lot people using Wechat as their communication tool. Day by day, we add a lot of new friends and of course you don’t want to lose all of the Wechat contacts just because certain reasons like iOS upgrade. Thus, it is better to use a Wechat data backup tool to transfer your Wechat contacts to PC before update to iOS 10.3. This guide will mainly show you how to save Wechat contacts to PC in ease.

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In order to backup Wechat contacts before update to iOS 10.3, you’ll need a third party software to help to achieve this. This third party software – iFonebox is a professional Wechat data recovery program as well as Wechat data backup tool. You can use iFonebox to transfer and backup your important Wechat data, recover Wechat data from device directly or extract and retrieve from iPhone backup selectively. iFonebox is definitely a great helper to transfer all your Wechat data such as Wechat messages, Wechat audio messages, Wechat attachments and so on to PC as a backup. You will be able to save and review them in the future if you need it. Besides Wechat data, iFonebox is a potential iOS data recovery tool for up to 16 kinds of data. However, this post will be mainly focus on transfer Wechat contacts to PC before update to iOS 10.3.

How To Backup Wechat Contacts To PC Before Install iOS 10.3?

To begin, you need to download iFonebox on your computer. There are 2 versions available: Windows version & Mac version. Select the version accordance to your PC and download.

Launch and Run iFonebox. After finish installing iFonebox, make sure your iPhone and cable is ready and you can begin the Wechat contacts backup. Connect your iPhone via cable and click “Start” on the interface. If this is the first time you connect your iPhone to your PC, don’t forget to tap “Trust the Computer” on your iPhone screen.

Data Select and Scan. Tap on “Wechat Contacts” icon under “Text Data” column and start scanning. PS: If you have large data on your iPhone, the scanning time will take longer.

Preview and Select. After finish scanning, you are able to preview your Wechat contact lists. Select the Wechat contacts you want to backup and click “Recover to PC”. Your Wechat contacts will be transfer and backup on your PC successfully.


In conclusion, iFonebox can help you to backup and transfer your Wechat contacts easily to your PC. If you are working with Mac, the steps are similar. If you want to transfer other data such as Wechat messages, Wechat audio messages, Wechat Photos etc, iFonebox can do that for you too.


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