How To Restore Wechat Messages From iPhone Backup?

recover wechat messages

When you lose some Wechat messages on your iPhone due to various reasons such as iOS upgrade, mistaken deletion, or some other reason, having an iPhone backup really can make a difference between getting back them or not. If you have iPhone backup either iTunes/iCloud, you can simply restore the Wechat messages and the chances of retrieving back those Wechat messages will be relatively higher. This article will show you ways to restore Wechat messages from iPhone backup with only simple few clicks.

If you have iTunes/iCloud backup, you can restore from those backup files. The only problem with restoring from iTunes & iCloud directly is that you may lost some of your data by replacing with the backup contents. Therefore, a better solution for restore Wechat messages from iphone backup, you will need to use the Wechat Data Recovery software that help you on this. In here, I am referring iFonebox. iFonebox are able to extract and retrieve Wechat messages from from iTunes/iCloud backup; recover Wechat contacts and Wechat attachments from iOS device too.

In order to recover Wechat messages from iPhone backup, you are required:

  1. Download and install iFonebox
  2. Your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch
  3. Computer/Mac
  4. Cable for connect iDevice and PC

Download iFonebox by clicking the correct version of your PC, it is free to download iFonebox on your PC or Mac.
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How To Restore Wechat Messages From iPhone Backup?

Extract & Retrieve Wechat Messages From iTunes Backup
Step 1: Launch iFonebox after finish install. Connect your iPhone with USB cable, select “Recover from iTunes Backup File”, and you will be able to view your iTunes backup file, and select the backup file you want to extract. If you do not find your backup file from the list, kindly click “Select more”, and choose your backup file from the other folder. Once you select the backup file, you can begin the lost Wechat messages recovery.

Step 2: Scan Wechat Messages from iTunes backup file. Select “Wechat Messages” under “Text Data” column and start

Step 3: When scanning done, you will be able to view the found Wechat attachments, pick the Wechat messages you want to recover, and tap “Recover to PC”.
ifonebox-WeChat-messages (1)

Extract & Retrieve Wechat Messages From iCloud
Step 1: Launch iFonebox and select “Recover from iCloud backup file” as the recovery mode on the interface of iFonebox. You’re required to log in your apple ID and password before proceed to next step. Please do not connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch while using this recovery mode, in case your iOS data file maybe updated or modified.

Step 2: Select the backup files you want to recover and then click “Download”. You may only select “Wechat” to download during this recovery to reduce the download time. Next, select “Wechat Messages” item under “Text Data” from downloaded backup files and click start scan.

Step 3: After scanning, Preview and select the Wechat messages you want to recover and tap “Recover to PC” on the bottom right of the interface.
ifonebox-WeChat-messages (1)

 In conclusion, you’re able to extract and restore Wechat messages from iPhone backup with only few steps! Now you can read your Wechat messages on your PC or Mac. If you find our passage useful, follow us on Pinterest too by clicking the button besideiFonebox

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