How To Backup Wechat Messages Before iPad Update to iOS 10.3?

export wechat messages from ipad to pc

“I hope to backup my Wechat messages to my PC before I update my iPad to iOS 10.3. Any idea how to transfer all the Wechat messages to PC before install iOS 10.3? Your advice will be kindly appreciated.”

Wechat is now a booming social apps, everyone use Wechat sending messages, images, and videos to keep in touch. It will be a waste if you lost your Wechat messages because of your iPad upgrade to the newest iOS. Therefore, this passage will guide you how to transfer your Wechat messages to PC before install iOS 10.3 on your iPad. Keep reading to learn the ways of backup your Wechat messages before iPad update to iOS 10.3.

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Part 1: Back up using Wechat Application itself

Actually you can backup Wechat messages in the following way:

  1. Download Wechat desktop version on your PC/Mac
  2. Log in to your account, approve the log in on your iPhone
  3. Go to your Wechat desktop version, go to Settings > Chat Backup > “Back up on PC” > Click “Back Up

PS: If you have want to back up again next time, the previous Wechat data will get overwritten. You only can back up your Wechat chat on version 6.5.1 on your iPhone.


Part 2: Export and backup Wechat messages using third party software
This is the 2nd method I have offered to you. In order to export Wechat messages from iPad to Pc before install iOS 10.3. You definitely need help from third party software – iFonebox. iFonebox is known as a professional Wechat backup tool. With the help of iFonebox, you can transfer all Wechat data like Wechat photos, Wechat audio messages, Wechat messages and so on. Additionally, iFonebox can also help to recover deleted/lost Wechat conversations, Wechat contacts, Wechat attachments etc. Another amazing feature from iFonebox is extract and retrieve lost data from iTunes/iCloud backup selectively. Now, I will guide you how to export and backup Wechat messages by using iFonebox.

Step 1: Download and install iFonebox
iFonebox is supporting Windows and Mac version, what you need to do right now is to download the version accordance to your PC. Install it after download.
windows-download            mac-download

Step 2: Run iFonebox and Recovery Mode selection
Select “Recover from iOS device” mode on the interface. Connect your iPhone with USB cable, bear in mind that you will require to tap “Trust the computer” on iPhone screen if this is the first time you connect your iPhone to the Mac. Next, click “Start” to begin.

Step 3: Scan “Wechat messages” from iPhone.
Click on “Messages” under “Text Data” column and start scanning and analysis. The scanning time will be longer if you have large data in your iPhone.
win-recover-from-ios-device-wechat msg

Step 4: Preview and Select the Wechat messages
After scanning done, you will be able to preview the scanned Wechat messages. Just select those Wechat messages you want to transfer and backup, click “Recover to PC” to export them from iPhone to your PC.
ifonebox-WeChat-messages (1)

Back up important Wechat messages are convenient for the future review. Let’s start to use iFonebox and begin to transfer and export your Wechat messages before you update your iPad to iOS 10.3. This guide is applicable for iPhone and iPod Touch users, the steps are mostly similar.

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