Wechat Sights Missing After Upgrade To iOS 10.3, How To Retrieve?

iphone wechat data recovery“Some of my Wechat sights missing after I update my iPhone 7 to iOS 10.3, can you please help to get back my lost sights back? Those sights are my precious memories. Thank you.”

Wechat has become much more popular on social network app that you can instantly share Wechat sights to your friends, family and colleagues easily. After you upgrade your iPhone to iOS 10.3, and you realized your favorite Wechat sights has gone mysteriously. Quick question, is it possible to retrieve missing Wechat sights from iPhone just updated to iOS 10.3? The answer is YES and the detailed steps in this article will provide you a solution on how to find lost Wechat sights after your iPhone upgrade to iOS 10.3 easily.

When it comes to iPhone Wechat attachments recovery issue, you definitely need help from a powerful iPhone Wechat data recovery software – iFonebox. With the help of iFonebox, you are able to extract and retrieve missing Wechat sights from your iTunes/iCloud backups selectively and it will not replace any single data on your iOS 10.3 iPhone at all. Besides Wechat sights, you enable to find lost Wechat messages, Wechat audio messages, Wechat images and videos effortlessly either from your iPhone directly or extract from your iPhone backup files. Next, I will illustrate the detailed instructions below to get back iOS 10.3 iPhone Wechat Sights.

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First of all, you are required to download iFonebox on your computer. No matter you are a Windows user or Mac user, this amazing iPhone Wechat data recovery software is fully compatible for you. You just need to click the icon on below to begin download and install it.

windows-download           mac-download

How To Retrieve Missing Wechat Sights After Upgrade To iOS 10.3?

Step 1. Run iFonebox. Select Recover from iTunes Backup mode. You will see all your iTunes backup files listed on the iFonebox interface. Just choose one containing your WeChat sights to scan. Click Start to scan your iPhone.

Step 2. Scan WeChat Sights From iTunes Backup. Wechat sights are considered as Wechat attachments. Just click WeChat Attachments to start scanning and analysis.

Step 3. Preview & Select Lost Sights To Recover. After finish scanning, you can pick out those iPhone lost WeChat sights. Then, click Recover to PC button to transfer them to computer immediately. You are able to play and view those Wechat sights on your computer.

Notes: If you have an iCloud backup for your iPhone WeChat attachments, you may select “Recover from iCloud Backup”. Sign in with your Apple ID and password to extract WeChat attachments.

In conclusion, few simple steps, you can find lost wechat sights from your backup easily under the help from iFonebox.

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