Methods To Recover Wechat Audio Messages After iPhone Update To iOS 10.3

ios 10.3 wechat audio messages recovery

“I couldn’t some of my Wechat audio messages after I update my phone to iOS 10.3, as I know if some data gone need to stop using phone for a while, so I’ve turn on airplane mode in case the new data come in. I keep try to scroll the whole conversation but I just couldn’t find the audio messages, can you please help? Thank you. Those audio messages are so meaningful to me. I hope to get them back.”

Wechat has become increasingly popular in social network app, audio messages has become one of the amazing of Wechat when they just launch this app. However, it is thorny when some important Wechat audio messages lost due to various reasons such as iOS upgrade, mistaken deletion, etc. If you Wechat audio messages lost after you update your iPhone to iOS 10.3, remember to turn on airplane mode or shut down your iPhone for the moment, in case your lost data get overwritten by new data. Overall, this article is going to show you how to retrieve deleted Wechat audio messages on iOS 10.3 iPhone. Keep reading and know more.

In order to recover lost Wechat audio messages from iPhone iOS 10.3, you will absolutely need help from an outstanding Wechat recovery software. There are many choices of Wechat recovery software but iFonebox could say is the best for your Wechat data recovery.

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Why iFonebox is a best choice?
Not to mention that, iFonebox is a powerful Wechat data recovery software that can recover deleted Wechat data including messages history, attachments like audio messages and images. Other than that, iFonebox is capable to recover at least 16 types of data from iOS device such as notes, reminders, contacts, WhatsApp data and so on. The most attractive and yet amazing feature of iFonebox is, it supports extract and restore data from iTunes and iCloud backup selectively including only recover deleted Wechat audio messages. Next, this passage will show you detailed steps on how to retrieve deleted Wechat audio messages on iOS 10.3 under the help of iFonebox.

How To Recover Lost Wechat Audio Messages From iPhone iOS 10.3?
1. Download and install iFonebox to your computer by clicking the download button below according to your computer system.

windows-download               mac-download

2. Run iFonebox with your device connected. Select “Recover from iTunes backup files” as the recovery mode. select the backup file you want to extract after a list of your iTunes backup file. If you do not find your backup file from the list, kindly click “Select more”, and choose your backup file from the other folder. Once you select the backup file, you can begin the wechat audio messages recovery.


3. Wechat audio messages consider as Wechat attachments, therefore next you need to select “Wechat Attachments” under “Media Data” begin to scan and analyze.


4. Preview and select the deleted Wechat Audio Messages and tap “Recover to PC” button to finish the whole recovery

Reminders: If you having iCloud backup, you can also select “Recover from iCloud backup file” as the recovery mode to restore deleted Wechat audio messages. The steps are almost similar, just select backup file will be changed to iCloud log in page, which means your Apple ID and password must be ready before you begin to use “Recover from iCloud backup file” mode.

In summary, recover deleted Wechat audio messages by using iFonebox is really as easy as ABC.

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