Retrieve Missing Wechat Contacts After iPhone Update To iOS 10.3

wechat contacts recovery on iOS 10.3

Q:“Found my Wechat contacts missing almost all after I upgrade my iPhone 7 to iOS 10.3? Could you please teach me how to do? Those contacts are relatively important for me. Please help! Thank you”

Q:“After my iPhone update to iOS 10.3 my Wechat contacts gone all, not even 1 in my contact list. I’m frustrated and now I am seeking ways to get them back, please help!!! Thank you”

2 of the users above facing the similar situation after upgrade their iPhone to iOS 10.3. Their Wechat contacts got missing anonymously after they update to iOS 10.3. If you are unlucky having the same problem, do you know how to get back erased Wechat contacts from iPhone with iOS 10.3? Here we will show you how to retrieve missing Wechat contacts after your iPhone update to iOS 10.3 whether you have backup or not with a professional Wechat data recovery software.

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Fortunately, you are able to recover lost iPhone Wechat contacts by using third-party application. In here, we would introduce iFonebox – the amazing Wechat data recovery software to help you on your missing Wechat contacts recovery. iFonebox enables you to recover Wechat contacts by scanning your device directly or extract readable iTunes/iCloud backup files no matter for what reasons your iPhone Wechat contacts were lost. Beside Wechat contacts, iFonebox is able to retrieve deleted Wechat messages, Wechat attachments like audio messages too. iFonebox supports iPhone 4 & above, iPad & iPod Touch, including the latest iPhone 7 & 7 Plus. Next, we will demonstrate the steps of recovering lost iPhone Wechat contacts after iOS 10.3 upgrade.

How To Retrieve Missing Wechat Contacts After iPhone Update To iOS 10.3?
You can follow the guidance below about how to get back erased Wechat contacts from iPhone with iOS10.3.

Download & Install iFonebox. iFonebox supports Windows version and Mac version of iFonebox. What you need to do is select based on the PC you are working with and begin to download.

windows-download mac-download

Launch iFonebox. Select “Recover from iOS device”, connect your phone via USB cable, keep in mind that, you need to tap “Trust the computer” on your iPhone screen if it is the first time to connect your iPhone to PC. Next step is to click “Start” to scan your iPhone.

Scan “Wechat Contacts” from iPhone. When you on the interface of iFonebox, you need to tap on “Wechat Contacts” icon under “Text Data” column and begin the scanning process.

Preview and Select. After scan done, you can select “Only display the deleted items” to filter your results if you are looking for lost Wechat contacts. After finish select, just tap “Recover to PC” then the Wechat contacts will be saved in your PC successfully and you will be able to view them on your PC.


That’s it! Using iFonebox to recover lost iPhone Wechat contacts after iOS upgrade is only take few steps to complete the recovery process. Now you are able to view your missing Wechat contacts on your PC now. Kindly follow us on Pinterest too to read more about iFonebox. Click the red P button here. iFonebox


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