How Can I Print Wechat Conversations From iPhone?

print wechat conversations“Hi there, I want to print the Wechat conversations between me and my boyfriend from my iPhone. But it take too long for me to screen shot one by one, do you have any suggestion on printing them out. Text format will do. Please advise. Thank you.” -Claire

Actually you can print your Wechat conversations in two ways, either you screen shot them one by one or export the Wechat conversations to PC for printing. If you have a very long conversations, it will take a very long time for you to screen shot them one by one. So is there any more convenient way to print your iPhone Wechat conversations? Absolutely yes, but firstly you need to export the Wechat conversations you wanted to print from your iPhone to PC by using an iOS data transferring tool and you will be able to print them in text format.

Method 1: Save Wechat Conversations As Screenshot To Print

This would be a great idea for you to print particular Wechat conversations, but this is not recommended for users who want to print the entire Wechat conversations. You can screen shot the part of the Wechat conversation and it will automatically save to your “Photos” album for printing. iPhones and Macs do support print wirelessly on the printer that supports Apple’s “AirPrint”.

The procedures are as below:

  1. Select the Wechat conversations screenshots on your iPhone “Photos” Album.
  2. Tap the button on your bottom-left corner on the screen.
  3. Tap “Print” and your iPhone will automatically detect nearby AirPrint printer, and begin to print.

If your printer does not support “AirPrint” or you want to print the entire Wechat conversations, the following method is definitely helpful for you. Keep reading.

Method 2: Print iPhone Wechat Messages Via iOS Data Transfer Tool

As mentioned above, you need an iOS data transfer tool to export Wechat conversations from your iPhone before print them out. Here, I’d recommend iFonebox. iFonebox allows you to export Wechat conversations from your iPhone as CSV or HTML format for printing purpose. Additionally, you can save the Wechat conversations as a backup by using iFonebox. Next, I will show you how to export your iPhone Wechat conversations for printing.

Install and launch iFonebox on your PC. iFonebox is applicable for both Windows and Mac, please select the version that compatible with your PC and begin the download.

windows-download                 mac-download

Run iFonebox and plug in your iPhone with USB cable to the computer you are using and wait until the iFonebox detect your iPhone to connect. Select “Recover from iOS device” and then click “Start” button to begin.

Tap on “Wechat Messages” icon under “Text Data” column and start scanning. It might take a little longer if you have large data on your iPhone.

After scanning done, you can select those Wechat messages you want to print and click “Recover to PC”. The Wechat messages you selected will be transferred to your computer as CSV or HTML format successfully. Now you can click on them and print from your printer directly.


In conclusion, it is quite simple to export and print Wechat messages by using iFonebox. It helps you to save a lot of time to screen shot them one by one. This guide is also available for iPad/iPod Touch users who want to print their Wechat messages.

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