Can I read Wechat backup on computer?

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“I’ve been using Wechat for quite a period of time, it is quite convenient for me to send text messages or free calling with my family, friends, and colleagues. Due to we send many videos, images, audio messages almost everyday, I wish to transfer and backup my iPhone Wechat on computer, first in case it gone, second is I can read them on computer. Any idea on how to export and read them on PC? Thank you!”   -Terry

Wechat has gain high popularity on social networking APP, because it is convenient to use and it allows to share your life stories with your friends in Wechat. Like the user, Terry, he wants to transfer and backup his iPhone Wechat so he can view them on the computer. So do you think is that possible to read iPhone backup on PC? The answer is Yes. In here, we will be introduced you an iOS data transfer tool – iFonebox, which allow you to transfer and read iPhone data selectively on your PC.

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iFonebox is a powerful software which can help you to transfer and read your iPhone Wechat to your PC selectively. Wechat data such as Wechat contacts, Wechat messages and Wechat attachments are supported by iFonebox. Besides Wechat data, iFonebox supports to transfer and view text contents such as messages, reminders, contacts etc to your PC. In this article, we will be taking read Wechat contacts on computer. If you have to read other Wechat data, you may select the data you want to read and backup to your computer.

How to Read Wechat contacts from iPhone to computer?

Download and Install iFonebox. iFonebox is currently support Windows and Mac version. What you need to do right now is to select the PC version you are working with and begin download.

windows-download           mac-download

Launch and Run iFonebox. After finish installing iFonebox, make sure your iPhone and cable is ready and you can begin the Wechat contacts backup. Connect your iPhone via cable and click “Start” on the interface. If this is the first time you connect your iPhone to your PC, don’t forget to tap “Trust the Computer” on your iPhone screen.

Data Select and Scan. Tap on “Wechat Contacts” icon under “Text Data” column and start scanning. PS: If you have large data on your iPhone, the scanning time will take longer.

Preview and Select. After finish scanning, you are able to preview your Wechat contact lists. Select the Wechat contacts you want to backup and click “Recover to PC”. Your Wechat contacts will be transfer and backup on your PC successfully and you can read them on your PC.


In conclusion, iFonebox can help you to backup and transfer your Wechat contacts easily to your PC. If you are working with Mac, the steps are similar. If you want to transfer other data such as Wechat messages, Wechat audio messages, Wechat Photos etc, iFonebox can do that for you too. Like our passage? Share it! Follow us on Pinterest too! iFonebox

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