How To Archive iPhone Wechat Contacts On Windows Computer?

backup wechat contacts“I have a lot of contacts on my Wechat list, do you have any method to transfer them to my computer? I’m using Windows PC. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!

The user above raise up such question: “How to save Wechat contacts on Windows PC?” If you like the user above, have a lot of Wechat contacts and he wish to backup them in case the data loss. If you have the same problem like the user above, you are on the right article. This passage will focus on how to archive iPhone Wechat contacts on Windows PC. In order to transfer Wechat contacts to Windows PC, you will need an iOS backup tool and here I’d introduce iFonebox. What are the amazing feature of iFonebox? Keep reading.

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Not to mention that, iFonebox is not only can archive Wechat contacts, but iFonebox is a powerful data recovery tools that allows you to recover at least 16 types of data from iOS device such as notes, reminders, contacts, wechat contacts, whatsapps attachment etc. Moreover, iFonebox supports extract and restore data from iTunes and iCloud backup selectively for further use. Overall, this article mainly about transferring Wechat contacts from iPhone to computer.

Download and install iFonebox and begin to transfer Wechat contacts by reading the steps below. iFonebox is supporting Windows and Mac version.

windows-download                mac-download

Steps to archive iPhone Wechat contacts from iPhone to computer?

Step 1: Run the software and connect your device

Launch and run iFonebox, select “Recover from iOS device” , connect your phone via USB cable, if it is the first time to connect your iPhone to PC, you need to choose Trust the computer on your iPhone screen. Next, click “Start” to begin.

Step 2: Scan “Wechat Contacts”

Tap on “Wechat Contacts” icon under Media data column and begin. PS: If you have large data on your iPhone, the scanning process will take longer time.

Step 3: Preview and recover

After done scanning, you can preview select the Wechat contacts you want to backup, click “Recover to PC” button to transfer them to your computer.


In summary, it is quite convenient and simple to archive iPhone Wechat contacts to Windows computer.

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