How To Get Back Lost Wechat Audio Messages From iPhone 7?

wechat audio messages recovery
“I was trying to favorite some audio messages in Wechat, who knows I accidentally tap the “trash can” symbol, and now there are gone, any solutions on getting back my audio messages from Wechat? Thank you.” Wechat, a well-known social messaging apps which support text and voice messages. Therefore, Wechat has play an important role in our life. If the messages accidentally deleted or lost like our readers, don’t be panic. In this tutorial will be mainly focus on how to recover deleted Wechat...

How To Recover Lost WeChat Sights From iPhone?

How to recover my lost sights from iPhone? Some videos of my son have been deleted from my iPhone, but I want to find them. Could you please help me to get back lost wechat videos? Thanks, iPhone 6, iOS 10 WeChat has become a much more popular social instant chat app that you can share sight videos to your friends, so when those wechat sights are gone from iPhone, how to find them? Is it possible to recover lost wechat videos from iPhone easily? I would say, yes. Just calm down and read h...

How To Access And View Backed Up WeChat Contacts From iCloud?

How to access and view back wechat contacts from iCloud? One of our customers asked me such a question. He used iCloud to backup his wechat data and now, he needs to view those wechat contacts from iCloud backup but unable to do that. We all know that when backup iPhone data with iCloud, indeed, it is quite simple and convenient but when you need to access and view those backed up data, you need to spend time on studying it. Luckily, I have figured out a method to help you access and see ...

Retrieve Disappeared Contacts From WeChat App On iPhone 7

WeChat is an instant social communicate tool which enables you to communicate with your friends via sharing interesting photos, videos, etc. Also, it becomes much more convenient to use wechat app to link to your clients or customers. But when some wechat contacts are just disappeared from iPhone, what to do to retrieve them? How to get back lost wechat contacts on iPhone? Don't be panic and this article will show methods to recover disappeared wechat contacts from iPhone with or without bac...

Restore Lost WeChat Messages After iPhone 6 Update To iOS 10.1.1

Having problem while trying to install the iOS 10.1.1 update on iPhone 6. After I press the update, and start the update process. It suddenly Popped up an error message and later, after I restart my iPhone 6, I found that all wechat messages were gone. Please help me to restore my lost wechat messages. They were important to me. Thanks.  It is quite obvious that this user lost all wechat messages during the process of updating iPhone 6 to iOS 10.1.1. We all know that accidents happen usua...