Can you find deleted Wechat conversations from iPhone?


“Today morning, I left my phone on the table before I go out to work and my daughter is playing game on my phone. Probably while she is playing my phone and the customer sent me few messages. After 15 mins, I received a call from the manager saying that the customer has sent me several messages but I didn’t reply at all. When I see my phone, I found out the whole conversation with the customers in Wechat totally gone. I’m so panic, any solutions of getting them or even whole conversation back? Because it’s really so important. Thank you. I’m using iPhone 7 with iOS 10.2.”

Recently, there are a lot of our readers drop us email regarding Wechat conversation recovery issue. Wechat becomes one of the popular social networking Apps, because you can connects with your family, friends, colleagues across countries. But sometimes, Wechat conversation might lose due to memory full, accidental deletion, system crash etc, like the user above is considered as accidental deletion by his daughter. Whatever the reason is, we have solutions to help you to find lost Wechat conversation from iPhone (7/7Plus/6/6S/6Plus/5/5S/5C/SE). In this article, we will guide you step by step on recovering lost Wechat messages from iPhone.

When you realized your Wechat conversations get deleted or lost, please stop using the phone because I’m afraid that the new incoming data will overwrite your deleted data. In order to prevent data get overwritten, you must turn on Airplane Mode on your iPhone and you need help from one of the professional iOS data recovery to help you to find deleted Wechat conversation from iPhone. And in here I’d recommend iFonebox, a software allows you to recover Wechat conversation by directly scanning your iPhone or extracting selectively from iCloud backup file.

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Before we begin to recover lost Wechat messages from iPhone, I’d introduce iFonebox a little.

  1. Able to recover Wechat contacts, Wechat attachments such as image, audio messages, sight and so on.
  2. Allows you to export your Wechat conversations as backup.
  3. Besides Wechat data, it enables to recover up to 16 types of data such as contacts, notes, reminders, messages, WhatsApp data etc.
  4. Able to recover data when your iPhone lost/stolen, screen broken, factory reset etc.

Can you find deleted Wechat conversations from iPhone?

To begin, you need to download and install iFonebox in your computer. iFonebox is currently support Windows and Mac version. You can just click on the correct system of your PC and begin to download.

windows-download           mac-download

Recover lost Wechat messages from iOS device

Launch software with device connected. Wechat chat history by tapping “Recover from iOS device” as your recovery mode. You need to connect your phone via USB cable. Then, click “Start” to begin.

Scan, preview and recover. Select “Wechat Messages” under “Text Data” column and then start to scan. When finish scanning, you are able to preview and select the lost Wechat messages you want to recover and click “Recover to PC”.

win-recover-from-ios-device-wechat msg

Find lost Wechat conversation from iCloud backup

If you have iCloud backup, read here >> How To Download WeChat Chatting Records From iCloud?

In brief, you are able to recover lost Wechat Conversation from device itself, iCloud backup by using iFonebox with only few steps. Last but not least, we kindly suggest and advise our readers to backup your iPhone data regularly and frequently.

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  1. Cass says:

    Hi, may i know the wechat message which have been deleted without backup for past one month can be recovered by ifonebox?

    1. wechatrecovery says:

      Hi cass, sorry for the late reply. We do provide free trial version for every new customer. You can give it a try.

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