How To Retrieve Deleted Wechat Contacts From Phone With iOS 10.2?


retrieve deleted wechat contacts from phone with ios 10.2As you know iOS 10.2 has officially released, I believe lots of Apple users have update the iOS on the iPhone, iPad or iPod, due to the new features of iOS 10.2. Some of our readers has sent us email regarding how to recover their loss data after update to iOS 10.2. One of the data loss is regarding on Wechat contacts (see below). When you found that your Wechat contacts is not there, please set your phone to Airplane mode before the data get overwritten. In this article will mainly focus on how to retrieve deleted Wechat contacts from phone with iOS 10.2.

“Hi, I just updated iOS 10.2 today, everything goes smoothly, but when I open my Wechat, I found that all my contacts has gone, any idea how to deal with it? Because those contacts are important for me. Any help will be appreciated, thank you!”

“Hello there, any idea on how to recover Wechat contacts on iPad just updated to iOS 10.2? That Wechat account is my working account therefore has a lots of investors and business partner’s contacts, I need help on how to recover them, help please!”

Talk about iOS 10.2 lost Wechat contacts recovery, I would really recommend iFonebox, a professional and trustworthy iOS data recovery tool. iFonebox not only can recover Wechat contacts, but also can recover Wechat messages and attachments. Besides Wechat, iFonebox supports to recover notes, call logs, WhatsApp, calendar and so on, even if you are using iOS 10.2, iFonebox can support too. However, this article specifically guiding you how to restore deleted wechat contacts in ios 10.2.

In order to begin to retrieve deleted Wechat contacts from phone with iOS 10.2, you need to download and install iFonebox in your computer or Mac. Just tap on the system you are currently using and begin to download. Don’t worry, iFonebox download from here will be absolutely free.

windows-download          mac-download

How To Retrieve Deleted Wechat Contacts From Phone With iOS 10.2?

In here, I will be taking Windows as an example. If you are using Mac, the procedures will be the same. Keep reading.

Recover Deleted Wechat Contacts from Phone with iOS 10.2 from iOS device

Launch iFonebox. Select “Recover from iOS device”, connect your phone via USB cable, bear in mind that, you need to tap “Trust the computer” on your iPhone screen if it is the first time to connect your iPhone to PC. Next step is to click “Start” to begin.

Scan “Wechat Contacts” from iPhone. When you on the interface of iFonebox, you need to select “Wechat Contacts” under “Text Data” and begin the scanning process. PS: if you having large data on your iPhone 7, it might take a little longer on scanning, just be patient.

Preview and Select. After scan done, you can select “Only display the deleted items” to filter your results if you are looking for deleted call history. After finish select, just tap “Recover to PC” then the Wechat contacts will be saved in your PC successfully.


Deleted Wechat contacts on iOS 10.2 has been successfully restored to your PC. Isn’t simple and easy?

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