Tips To Transfer WeChat Photos From iPhone 7 To Computer


How can I transfer all my wechat photos from new iPhone to the conputer? I want to save more space on my iPhone 7 for I need to download some videos in my travelling. So could you help me to save large photos from my wechat app to my computer? Thanks. 

It is quite clear that this user was troubled to transfer wechat photos from iPhone to his computer. Usually, when using wechat app to send pictures or videos with our friends, it will take up much more space on our iPhone. Thus most people want to move those photos from wechat app to free up more space, is that possible? Definitely yes. Here, I have found a method to help you save large photos from wechat app to your computer easily.

If you are a loyal reader to my blog, I think you may have known the tip I would like to recommend. That’s right. When you need to transfer all photos from wechat app to your computer, let iFonebox help you, a professional iPhone WeChat data recovery tool.

Not to mention that, iFonebox can not only export wechat photos from your iPhone to computer, but wechat data like wechat audio messages, wechat text messages, wechat contacts. Moreover, iFonebox is a great helper to recover deleted or lost wechat messages from your iPhone directly, as well as wechat contacts. Plus, it supports to extract and restore data from iTunes and iCloud backup selectively. Here, this tutorial mainly about transferring wechat photos from iphone 7 to computer via iFonebox. Here we go.

Download and install iFonebox on your computer firstly before moveing wechat photos. Just click on below icons to download iFonebox.

windows         mac2

How to transfer wechat photos from iPhone 7 to computer?

Step 1: Run iFonebox and connect your device. Launch and run iFonebox, select “Recover from iOS device” , connect your phone via USB cable, if it is the first time to connect your iPhone to PC, you need to choose Trust the computer on your iPhone screen. Next, click “Start” to begin.

ifonebox -1

Step 2: Scan. The wechat photos are stored in “Wechat Attachments”, therefore click “Wechat Attachments” under “Media Data” column and start scanning.

ifonebox-2 (4)

Step 3: Preview and transfer. After done scanning, you can preview and choose the Wechat photos, then click “Recover to PC” button to export all of them to your computer.


That’s it. See, it is quite convenient to save all those wechat photos from iPhone 7 to computer easily via iFonebox.

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