Tips To Transfer WeChat Photos From iPhone 7 To Computer

How can I transfer all my wechat photos from new iPhone to the conputer? I want to save more space on my iPhone 7 for I need to download some videos in my travelling. So could you help me to save large photos from my wechat app to my computer? Thanks.  It is quite clear that this user was troubled to transfer wechat photos from iPhone to his computer. Usually, when using wechat app to send pictures or videos with our friends, it will take up much more space on our iPhone. Thus most people...

Recover Deleted WeChat Messages From iPhone 7 Without Backup

Most people have asked me such a question: how to recover deleted wechat messages from iPhone 7 without backup? Just like this user said that "It's too late for me to backup me wechat messages before deleted them, is there any way to retrieve iPhone deleted wechat messages?". Generally speaking, when some important wechat messages are deleted from iPhone, the easiest way is to find them from your iTunes or iCloud backup. But what about no backup? If there is no iCloud or iTunes backup for de...

How To Download Lost WeChat Messages From iCloud Backup iPhone 7?

Can someone help me to download and extract my lost wechat messages from iCloud backup on new iPhone 7? I accidentally cleared some valuable wechat messages from iPhone and cannot find them. I just have an iCloud backup for those lost wechat messages but I was unable to extract and restore from iCloud. Please help me. Thanks very much. iPhone 7, iOS 10.1.1 It is quite apparent that this user was bothered by the problem about how to download lost WeChat messages from iCloud backup on his i...