Tips To Delete WeChat Photos To Save Space On Phone


As one of the most economic and safest social app, most people will choose to use WeChat to send photos, voice messages, videos to share with their friends. So when you use WeChat frequently, it will take up much more space on your iPhone or Android phone. Thus most people want to clear wechat photos or other wechat data from phone to save more space. So is there any better way to do that? Here, I will share tips to help you delete wechat photos to free up more space on phone.

There are many ways to help you delete wechat photos on iPhone or Android phone. But before that, I think you must confirm that you have backed up all photos from wechat and then, you can delete them without cautiousness. In order to backup and transfer wechat photos from your iPhone to the computer, you can use iFonebox (Win and Mac) to help you. It is a great WeChat data recovery tool which can not only recover deleted wechat messages, wechat contacts, wechat photos from both iDevice and backup, but transfer all wechat data from your iPhone to the computer. Next, I will show you how to clear wechat photos after you have done all the security task.

In order to delete wechat photos, firstly, turn on WeChat app and then, check out the storage wechat data taken up. Go to WeChat> Me> Settings> General> Manage Storage> View WeChat Storage. All chat lists will be there and you can select one friend and then, you can choose to deleted all photos. Also, you can select some photos you need to delete on one friend chatting box.

wechat-1  wechat-2     wechat-3

The above method to manage WeChat storage mainly delete media files in WeChat. Your messages will not be removed at the same time. You can also batch delete all chat history including messages in WeChat if like. Normally you do not need to do that, as those texts or messages may not eat up your memory.


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