Tips To Recover Deleted WeChat Messages


As WeChat becomes more and more popular, more and more people prefer to use it to keep in touch with their families or friends via sending photos or voice messages, etc. Indeed, with WeChat, it is quite convenient and colorful to contact with others. But it is also a headache thing when some wechat messages are deleted by accident. Is there any way to recover deleted wechat messages?

I need help. I have deleted some important wechat messages on my iPhone mistakenly. Please help me to get back those deleted wechat messages. They are related to court thing and do please help me.” Asked by Jim.

We always receive emails like above to ask for help. Indeed, there are methods to help you retrieve iPhone deleted wechat messages. Here, I have several tips to recover deleted wechat messages from iPhone easily. Just follow me and keep reading.

Tips 1. Check deleted wechat messages in other device 

We should know that when you need to transfer iPhone wechat messages to another device like iPad, you can migrate those wechat messages to the device. (Turn on WeChat > Settings>General>Chat Log Migration) So if you have ever done it before, I think you can go to the device to check whether the deleted wechat messages are found. It is the easiest way to recover your iPhone deleted wechat messages.

Tips 2. Recover deleted wechat messages from backup 

If you have ever backed up your wechat messages via iCloud or iTunes, I think you can restore deleted wechat messages from your iPhone backup data directly.

To restore from iCloud backup data, you need to erase your iPhone firstly and then, choose to restore from an iCloud backup data containing your deleted wechat messages. Here is the process: go to iPhone Setting> General> Reset> Erase All Content and Settings. After that, your iPhone will be reboot and then, you can choose to restore from an iCloud backup data to get the deleted wechat messages back. The limitation is you have to erase all contents on iPhone firstly, which means, you will lose other data on your iPhone.

If you want to restore from iCloud backup, the process is quite similar. You have to connect your iPhone to the computer after launch iTunes. And then click Restore from Backup in the interface. Also, to restore from iTunes backup directly will erase other data on your iPhone. So is there any better method to retrieve deleted wechat messages? Keep reading.

Tips 3. Recover deleted wechat messages from iPhone directly

If you don’t have any iTunes or iCloud backup for those deleted wechat messages and you don’t want to erase other data on your iPhone, I think here is the best choice for you. Let iFonebox help you to get back deleted wechat messages from iPhone.

As the best iPhone data recovery software, iFonebox can not only transfer wechat messages, wechat contacts, wechat photos, etc, from iPhone to your computer directly, but recover deleted or lost wechat messages, wechat contacts from iOS device directly. Plus, if you have an iTunes or iCloud backup for those lost data, iFonebox is a great helper to extract and restore lost data from backup selectively, without wiping any data on your iOS device. So cool.

It is necessary to download and install iFonebox on your computer firstly. There are two versions accessible: Windows version and Mac version. Next, 3 steps are shared to retrieve iPhone deleted wechat messages easily.

  • Run iFonebox. Choose Recover from iOS Device mode. Please plug in your iPhone to the compute with USB cable so as to scan and recover deleted wechat messages. Click Start button to go.
  • Scan WeChat messages from iPhone. Just click on WeChat Messages item to start automatic scanning and analysis process. If you have a large data for deleted wechat messages, it will take a longer time to scan.
  • Preview and choose deleted wechat messages to recover. Now you can select those deleted wechat messages you need and then, click Recover to PC button to get back all deleted wechat messages from iPhone directly.

ifonebox-2 (4)

Also, you can choose Recover from iTunes/iCloud Backup mode to get back deleted wechat messages selectively via iFonebox.

The above are three different methods to help you recover deleted wechat messages? So which one is the best?

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