How To Save WeChat Messages From iPhone To Computer?


I am using WeChat to stay in touch with friends and contacts in China, but i’m super new to the app. I’ve been using the app on both my iPhone and a Mac client. but whatever conversations i have on my iPhone aren’t saved to the Mac. and when i exit the client and log in again, all of my chat history is gone on the computer. is there a way to preserve chat history between multiple devices? would be super helpful. thanks!

To extract from the above post: how to save wechat messages from iPhone to computer? Generally speaking, we all know that we can use WeChat app on iPhone and computer at the same time with the same WeChat account. The problem is that when using wechat ID on the computer, your computer will not save those wechat messages and keep them on your computer. So how to transfer wechat messages from iPhone to the computer? How to keep those wechat messages on your computer? I have a method to teach you to save wechat messages from iPhone to the computer easily.

In order to save wechat messages from iPhone to the computer, what you need is the help from iFonebox, which is a professional iPhone WeChat data recovery tool to help you transfer wechat messages from iPhone to your computer conveniently.

As is known that iFonebox is a professional iPhone data recovery software which allows you to transfer all wechat data including wechat photos, audio messages, wechat messages, etc, from iPhone or iPad to your computer. Besides, it is a great helper to recover deleted or lost wechat messages, wechat conversations as well as wechat contacts from iPhone or iPad directly. Plus, if you have an iTunes or iCloud backup for those lost data, you can also extract and restore them from backup selectively without erasing any data on your iOS device. Next, detailed steps are shared to save wechat messages to PC from iPhone.

Undoubtedly, it is necessary to download and install iFonebox on your computer firstly. There are two versions accessible: Windows version and Mac version.

windows                  mac2

How to save wechat messages from iPhone to computer? 

Launch iFonebox. Choose “Recover from iOS Device” mode. Bear in mind to plug in your iPhone to the computer with USB cable. If it is the first time to connect your iPhone to the computer, you have to trust this computer and there is a pop-up to remind you to do it. Click “Start” button to begin.

ifonebox -1

Scan WeChat messages from iPhone. Click “WeChat Messages” to start scanning. Large data need more time. So be patient.

ifonebox-2 (4)

Preview and choose all WeChat messages to transfer. You can select all WeChat messages, then click “Recover to PC” button to sync all messages from iPhone to computer.


In a word, it is quite convenient and functional to save all wechat messages from your iPhone to computer under the help from iFonebox.

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  1. Paul Wooster says:

    Does this work for Android phones?

    1. wechatrecovery says:

      Hi, I’m sorry to tell you that this software is currently work for Apple user. But i will send your suggestion to our technical team :)

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