How To Recover Mistakenly Deleted WeChat Messages From iPhone?

I was trying to retrieve the wechat messages. Those are the chat history with one of my friends. She is in my contact, and a few days ago I accidentally deleted all the messages. Can you help me to recover mistakenly deleted wechat messages from iphone? Thanks for your help. I am using iPhone 6, iOS 9. It is quite common to mistakenly delete some important wechat messages from iPhone. Accidents always happen when we are not prepared. Just as the user asked: how to recover mistakenly delet...

WeChat Pictures Have Been Deleted And How To Recover?

I have some pictures deleted in wechat app and I need them back now. Can I do that? Is there any chance for me to recover those deleted wechat photos from iPhone? I just have an iTunes backup for my iPhone data but I cannot view those photos from iTunes backup. Please help. Thanks for your kindness. iPhone 6, iOS 9 I bet most people have encountered the same situation here like the above iPhone user. So when faced with the wechat photos loss problem, what do you do to recover lost photos fr...

How To Read Deleted WeChat Messages On iPhone?

I want to read my wechat deleted messages. I thought those deleted wechat messages were not important but it turned out I was wrong. Can any one help me to recover and read deleted wechat messages from my iPhone? Thanks. I am afraid I don't have any backup for those deleted wechat messages. iPhone 6 So the question here is: how to read deleted wechat messages from iPhone? As WeChat becomes a more and more popular instant chatting app, data loss problems happen frequently. If you have an iTune...

How To Recover Blocked Or Deleted WeChat Contacts On iPhone?

I need to find some wechat contacts blocked on wechat app. I don't know whether I have deleted them from iPhone, now I just cannot find them. So can you help you to recover blocked or deleted wechat contacts on iPhone? Thanks millions time. iPhone 6, iOS 9.3.1 When you feel bothered or interrupted by someone in WeChat, you can choose to block him or her. But sometimes, you need to find those blocked wechat contacts for some unknown reasons. So is there any way to retrieve blocked wechat c...

How To Save Deleted WeChat History From iPhone?

Help me to save deleted wechat history from my iPhone. I just want to delete some wechat information from those who I don't contact frequently, but I just delete those important wechat history by mistakenly. So can any one show me how to recover deleted wechat history from iPhone? Thanks millions times. No backup, iPhone 6s, iOS 9 It is not a fresh topic here to save delete wechat history from iPhone. We all delete or lose important data from iPhone for some reasons, just like the above i...

Can WeChat Messages Be Recovered If Without Backup?

Some wechat messages on my iPhone are just deleted. There was no iTunes or iCloud backup for those deleted wechat data. Please help me to recover deleted wechat messages, which are related to my business. So important to me. Please help. Can I recover wechat deleted messages without backup? Any suggestions will be great. Thanks. iPhone 6, iOS 9 Obviously, maybe you have the same question here: can WeChat messages be recovered if without any iTunes or iCloud backup? Definitely yes. Without...

How Can I Recover Deleted WeChat ID On iPhone?

How can I recover deleted WeChat ID from my iPhone? I just deleted my friend's WeChat ID by mistake and I need it. Can I find it? Please help me to get back deleted wechat id. Thanks. iPhone, iOS 9 It is pretty common to delete some WeChat ID from iPhone by accident. The good thing is if you have an iTunes or iCloud backup for those deleted wechat ID, you can restore them from iPhone backup directly. However, when restoring from iTunes or iCloud backup directly, you may take the risk of e...

Help Me To Backup WeChat Messages From iPhone

Please help me to backup my wechat messages on my iPhone. I need to backup them to my computer so as to read them as I want. But iTunes cannot do that. So is there any way to backup wechat messages from iPhone to the computer? Thanks for your help. iPhone 6, iOS 9.3 Obviously, what this user required is how to backup wechat messages from iPhone without using iTunes, for he needs to read those backed up wechat messages on the computer when needed. However, iTunes just cannot let you access...

Clear WeChat History By Mistake On iPhone, How To Recover?

I cleared some wechat history by mistake on my iPhone, is there any chance for me to recover them? Those wechat history are important for me, so please help to retrieve the cleared wechat messages. Thanks. iPhone 6, iOS 9.3.1 Sometimes, we are apt to clear all wechat history on iPhone just to save more space. However, after clearing, you always find important wechat history deleted as well. So how to recover mistakenly cleared wechat history from iPhone? How to retrieve those deleted wech...

How To Recover Deleted WeChat Contacts From iPhone SE?

I have a question: how to get back my deleted wechat contacts from new iPhone? I don't have any backup for those deleted contacts in wechat app, so how to recover? Please help me. Thanks. iPhone SE, iOS 9.3 It is quite common to delete some significant data like wechat contacts from new iPhone by accident. The worst thing is it is too late for you to back up those mistakenly deleted data before. So how to recover deleted wechat contacts from iPhone? When you are encountered with such a si...