Retrieve Deleted Wechat History From iPhone SE No Backup

Hello, please help me. I want to recover some wechat history deleted by my son, but those deleted wechat history are not backed up by iTunes or iCloud, which means, I have no backup for deleted data. How can I retrieve deleted wechat history on my iPhone? I need your help urgently. Please show me. Thanks, iPhone  Obviously, it is a good habit to back up your iPhone data with iTunes or iCloud timely, just in case of data loss proble happening, As the above user described, he had difficulty...

How To Locate And View WeChat Messages From iTunes Backup?

I need help. I lost some wechat messages from my iPhone and I have an iTunes backup for those lost wechat messages. But I don't know where the backup file is, how can I locate and view my wechat messages from iTunes backup? Please help me. Thanks. iPhone 6, iOS 9.3, new to iPhone  It is quite convenient to use iTunes or iCloud to back up iPhone data just in case of data loss problem happening. While, the question is how to locate and view backed up data like wechat messages from iTunes ba...

How To Recover Deleted WeChat Messages From iPhone SE?

get back lost wechat chat history
Can you show me how to recover deleted wechat messages on my iPhone SE? I don't have any iTunes or iCloud backup for deleted wechat messages, is there any way to get them back? Thanks.  A new wave of iOS data loss problem is approaching as Apple has released iPhone SE to the public. Just as the above iPhone SE user asked: how to recover deleted wechat messages from iPhone SE? As WeChat plays an important part in our daily life, most people have the requirements to recover deleted or lost ...

Recover Missing WeChat Messages From iPhone Due To iOS 9.3 Update

I updated my iPhone to iOS 9.3, but after that, wechat messages on my iPhone were gone. What happened? I did nothing. Can anyone help me to recover my missing wechat history on iPhone due to iOS 9.3 update? Please help me. Thanks. iPhone 5s, iOS 9.3 It is quite common that when updating to iOS 9.3, some data like wechat messages from iPhone are lost. I guess it is because the data base of iOS 9.3 is a little different from the previous iOS version. Also, you may have done something wrong ...

How To View WeChat Deleted Messages On iPhone?

I have a question: can I view my wechat deleted messages on iPhone? I just deleted some wechat messages from iPhone and now I need to view them. Please help me. I am afraid I don't have any backup for them. Is there any chance to do that? Any suggestions are welcomed. Thanks, iPhone 6 How to view WeChat deleted messages on iPhone? Usually, we will need some deleted data back like wechat messages from iPhone, for those deleted data may be related to your business or other reasons. So how t...

How To Restore Lost WeChat Messages After Resetting iPhone?

You must help me. I need those lost wechat messages back. I just reset my iPhone and then, all wechat messages are gone. Before resetting, it seems that I did not back up wechat data. But when I update to iOS 9, I do have an iTunes backup for iPhone data. Please help me to restore my lost wechat messages. I just need those wechat messages, so emergent. Thanks for your help. iPhone  So have you ever encountered with the same problem here? After resetting iPhone, all data are just lost, inc...

How To Transfer The Audio WeChat From iPhone 6 To Laptop?

I have the question: how to transfer audio wechat from iPhone to my laptop? I have a large data for my wechat audio messages, so I need to transfer them from iPhone to my computer so as to save some space on my iPhone. So is there any way to transfer audio messages on wechat from iPhone to laptop? Help me.  Apparently, the question here is how to transfer wechat audio messages from iPhone 6 to laptop? Usually, wechat data will take up much more space that other app, that's why most people...

Can I Restore Deleted Pictures On WeChat For iPhone?

I need your help. I have deleted some pictures on wechat app and later, I found those photos important. So is there any way to restore deleted pictures on wechat from my iPhone? I just got an iTunes backup for my iPhone, but I don't want the whole backup erasing my iPhone data. So could you have any method to help me? Thanks. iPhone 5s To conclude, the question here is how to restore deleted pictures on wechat app from iPhone? The easiest way is to find those deleted photos from your came...

Selectively Restore Lost WeChat Messages From iTunes Backup

Could you help me? I deleted some wechat messages from iPhone and just got an iTunes backup for them. I used to restore the whole iTunes backup to my iPhone and then, I found that some data on iPhone will be overwritten, so please help me to restore only wechat messages from iTunes backup. Thanks for help. iPhone  It is obvious that this user wants to restore lost wechat messages from iTunes backup selectively. To be honest, when it refers to iPhone data recovery issue, most people will c...

How To Retrieve Deleted Contacts On WeChat App?

I have deleted some wechat contacts on iPhone. And I uninstall wechat app and then reinstall it, I thought those deleted wechat contacts would be back after reinstalling it. However, none. So help me to retrieve deleted wechat contacts on my iPhone. Thanks. iPhone 6, no backup for wechat  Recent stats indicate that WeChat has about 650 million monthly active users with about 70 million WeChat users located outside China. So there's an increasing requirement for wechat data recovery. Just ...