Is It Possible To Recover Recalled WeChat Messages From iPhone?

Hi there, I need your help.My friend recalled some wechat text messages during the chatting with me, I was curious about the recalled wechat history. So is it possible to recover those recalled wechat messages from iPhone? Looking forward to your reply. iPhone 5s, iOS 9 It is quite clear that this user wants to view the recalled wechat messages from his friend. Usually, we will recall some wechat messages during the chatting, not letting others view them. So is it possible to recover reca...

Does WeChat Store My Deleted Information? How To Recover Them?

get back lost wechat chat history
I just get the question that does wechat store my deleted information? I have some important wechat messages deleted, which I desperately want to keep them. Is there any way to recover them? Those messages are related to my business, I must find them. Any suggestions will be appreciated. iPhone 6, iOS 9. As WeChat becomes more and more popular, most people prefer to use it to send photos, messages or tiny videos with their friends and colleagues. When it comes to social communication tool...

How Can I Retrieve Deleted Photos In WeChat?

How can I retrieve deleted photos in wechat? I have some photos deleted in wechat app and now, I need them. But I don't know where to find them. Can you help me? Thanks. I am using iPhone 6 with iOS 9.1.  It is quite upset when some meaningful WeChat photos or messages are just deleted by accident. The question here is how to retrieve deleted photos in WeChat from iPhone? To be honest, it is hard to recover deleted photos from WeChat app or camera roll on your iPhone, that's because photo...

How To Recover Missing WeChat History On iPhone?

How to recover missing wechat history from my iPhone? Please help me. I am new to wechat app and just deleted some wechat conversations I need. Is there any way to get back those missing wechat history on iPhone? Thanks for your help. iPhone 6, iOS 9.1 It is always troublesome and frustrating when delete some important WeChat information from your iPhone, just as the above iPhone user. He is new to WeChat app and not familiar with WeChat, thus leads to wechat history missing happening. So...

How To Download WeChat Chatting Records From iCloud?

“A few days later is my 10th anniversary of love. I want to print the chatting records with my lover by wechat app for memory. But my iPhone could not connect to computer. How can I download them to computer for previewing them easily.” An WeChat user asked me such a question: “Can i download wechat chatting records from iCloud?”. When you search on Google or other forums, you may get all kinds of methods to download wechat audio messages from iCloud backup. The easiest way is to erase yo...

How To Obtain Deleted Chats From WeChat On iPhone?

How to obtain deleted chat from wechat? I did nothing but accidentally deleted some wechat messages on my iPhone. How can I obtain them on iPhone? Thanks for your help. iPhone 5s As more and more people use WeChat app to send messages or photos to their friends, wechat data loss or accidentally deletion become more and more common. When it comes to wechat messages deletion problem, how to recover them to obtain them in your iPhone? Is there any way to do that? Of course. Here we go. Ca...

Lost All WeChat Messages After Update To iOS 9.2.1, How To Recover?

What happened? After update to iOS 9.2.1, all wechat messages are lost. I just have an iTunes backup for my iPhone 6 before update to iOS 9.2.1, but I don't want to restore from iTunes backup again, for it is complex to use iTunes. Is there any other way to recover lost wechat messages on my iPhone after update? Thanks.  Another wave of data loss problems is approaching as Apple released iOS 9.2.1 to the public yesterday. As the above user, he just lost all wechat messages after updated t...

How To Restore Only WeChat History From iCloud Backup?

I have some wechat messages in iCloud backup. Can I restore only wechat history from iCloud backup? I don't want to erase my iPhone to restore the whole iCloud backup. Help me please. Thanks, iPhone 6, iOS 9 Apparently, the question here is how to restore only wechat history from iCloud backup? Just as this user mentioned, when restoring from iCloud backup directly, what you need is to erase all contents on iPhone firstly and then, you have the choice to restore from iCloud backup. Some p...

How To Recover Missing WeChat Messages Without Backup?

I need your support. I have lost some wechat messages on iPhone and I did not make backup for those missing wechat messages. So is there any way to recover them? Those wechat conversations are meaningful to me. Please help me. Thanks. iPhone 6, iOS 9.1 More and more people are facing with WeChat message missing problem as WeChat becomes a much more popular instant message app than ever. So when wechat messages are missing from iPhone, is there any solution to recover them without backup? ...

How To Get Back Deleted Photos On WeChat?

How to get back deleted photos on wechat? I have some important photos in wechat app but I just deleted them. Is there any way to get them back? Help please. I have an iPhone 6 running iOS 9.  It is quite ordinary to delete photos or messages in WeChat app by accident. The question here is how to get back deleted photos on WeChat? Is there any way to make it? Actually, it is a good habit to back up your iPhone data with iTunes or iCloud timely, for if you have an iTunes or iCloud backup f...