Will WeChat History Be Deleted When We Delete The App?


I have the question: when I delete WeChat app, will those wechat messages be deleted from the app? I want to delete the wechat app but I need to save those wechat history from my iPhone. So can you help me? Thanks. 

So the question here is, will wechat history be deleted when deleting wechat app? The answer is yes. Totally. When you delete the WeChat app on your iPhone, those wechat messages also will be deleted unless you have an backup for your wechat data. So it is important and necessary for you to have a full-scale backup for your WeChat data before uninstalling. So how to back up all WeChat data from your iPhone? When you delete wechat app, how to recover those lost WeChat messages? Details are shared.

When it comes to backup and wechat messages recovery, I think what you just need is iFonebox, which is the best WeChat data recovery software. With it, you can not only back up all WeChat data like photos, messages from your iPhone to computer kept in a folder, but recover those deleted WeChat messages, WeChat contacts from your iPhone. Also, if you need to selectively extract and restore wechat data from backup, just let iFonebox do it for you. Next, I will share steps to show you how to use iFonebox.

How to use iFonebox to save WeChat data from iPhone? 

It is necessary to download and install iFonebox on your computer. There are two versions accessible: Windows version and Mac version. Take iFonebox for Windows as example.

  • Launch iFonebox. Choose Recover from iOS Device mode. Please plug in your iPhone to the computer so as to scan and analyze data from it.
  • Scan WeChat data from iPhone. Just click on the specific WeChat item to start scanning.
  • Preview and choose WeChat data to recover. Just choose those WeChat data you need and then, click Recover to PC button to back up or recover them.

ifonebox-2 (4)

So when you delete WeChat app from your iPhone, bear in mind to back up all WeChat data if you want to save them. Once those WeChat history are deleted accidentally, iFonebox will also be able to recover them.

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  1. Yvonne Khor says:

    Hi, I accidentally deleted WeChat app, and now everything is gone. I’ve tried to download ifonebox. But it seems not working. Any idea to recover back the chat history?

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