How To Retrieve Deleted Messages On WeChat App?


Is there any way to retrieve my deleted messages on wechat app? I just got some important information on my wechat app, but deleted them by accident. I don’t have an iTunes or iCloud backup for them. So can any one help me to recover deleted wechat messages from iPhone? Thanks. iPhone 6, iOS 9.1. 

It is quite upset to delete important WeChat messages from iPhone without any iTunes or iCloud backup. You should realize it is quite significant to develop the good habit of backing up iPhone or iPad from time being. Otherwise, when some data like WeChat messages are deleted, you may lose them forever. However, so long as you have the help from the best WeChat data recovery named as iFonebox, you can easily retrieve those deleted WeChat messages from iPhone even though you have no backup. Please keep reading, or you will miss some details.

As is widely known that iFonebox is a powerful WeChat data recovery software which can not only recover deleted WeChat messages. WeChat contacts, etc, from iPhone and iPad, but extract and restore lost WeChat data from iTunes or iCloud backup selectively. Pretty professional. What’s more, if you have other data lost like contacts, notes, messages, photos, etc, from iPhone, iFonebox will also help you to recover them. Next, detailed steps about how to recover deleted WeChat messages from iPhone are introduced.

How to retrieve deleted messages on WeChat app?

It is necessary to download and install iFonebox on your computer firstly. There are two versions available: Windows version and Mac version.

  • Run iFonebox. Choose “Recover from iOS Device” mode. Please connect your iPhone to the Mac with USB cable. Your iPhone will be detected by iFonebox once connected successfully. Click “Start” button to go.
  • Scan WeChat messages from iPhone. Just click “WeChat Messages” to start the automatic scanning an analysis process.
  • Preview and choose deleted WeChat messages to recover. Now you have chance to select your deleted WeChat conversations, then click “Recover to Mac” button to recover all selected messages to your computer.


The above are the whole process to retrieve deleted WeChat messages from iPhone without any backup, convenient and functional.

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