How Do I Recover Deleted WeChat Messages No Backup?

I have WeChat version 6.2.5 and I need to get back a chat log I deleted. Any advice? I don't get an iTunes or iCloud backup for those deleted wechat messages, is there any chance for me? Thanks for your help. iPhone 6, iOS 9 The question here is, how to recover deleted wechat messages from iPhone no backup? Is there any chance? Some people hold the idea that there is no way to get back deleted wechat messages other than restoring from iTunes or iCloud backup. Actually, now it is possible ...

Will WeChat History Be Deleted When We Delete The App?

I have the question: when I delete WeChat app, will those wechat messages be deleted from the app? I want to delete the wechat app but I need to save those wechat history from my iPhone. So can you help me? Thanks.  So the question here is, will wechat history be deleted when deleting wechat app? The answer is yes. Totally. When you delete the WeChat app on your iPhone, those wechat messages also will be deleted unless you have an backup for your wechat data. So it is important and necess...

How To Retrieve Trashed Messages Back To iPhone?

I lost text messages. I was unable to recover those old trashed messages from my iPhone 6. Those messages are important to me and I need them for court related reasons. So could you help me to retrieve them? Thanks. iPhone 6, iOS 9.2 So how to retrieve trashed messages back to iPhone just as this user asked? It is always troublesome and upset when some important messages are deleted by accident. However, the good new is that there are methods to retrieve those trashed messages back to iPh...

Steps To Transfer WeChat Photos From iPhone To Mac

Is there any possibility to transfer my wechat photos from iPhone to Mac? I have some photos in wechat app and I need to transfer them to Mac so as to keep them. Can you help me? My device is iPhone 6, iOS 9. Thanks for your help.  Usually, people will need to transfer some photos from WeChat app to better keep them or for other use. So when you encounter with the same problem, have you ever found a method to transfer all WeChat photos from iPhone to Mac? In fact, we've get a simple metho...

Is There Any Way To Recover Accidentally Deleted WeChat History From iPhone?

I accidentally deleted my messages in wechat app from iPhone. I cannot make sure whether I have an iTunes or iCloud backup for those accidentally deleted wechat history. But those wechat history are important. Can I recover them? Please help me. Thanks, iPhone 5s, ios 9 So is there any way to recover accidentally deleted WeChat history from iPhone? Can any one help this user? We usually use WeChat to contact and share those interesting moments with our friends. So it is always troublesome...

How To Recover Lost WeChat Contacts Without Backup?

I've got some wechat contacts deleted from iPhone, and it's too late for me to back up my wechat contacts. Those deleted wechat contacts are important to me. So can you show me how to recover lost wechat contacts from iPhone without backup? Thanks in advance. iPhone, iOS 9.  So how to recover lost WeChat contact without backup just as the above user asked? Usually, we will use WeChat to contact or send videos, instant messages to our friends. When those contacts are gone, how can we be in...

How To Retrieve Deleted Messages On WeChat App?

Is there any way to retrieve my deleted messages on wechat app? I just got some important information on my wechat app, but deleted them by accident. I don't have an iTunes or iCloud backup for them. So can any one help me to recover deleted wechat messages from iPhone? Thanks. iPhone 6, iOS 9.1.  It is quite upset to delete important WeChat messages from iPhone without any iTunes or iCloud backup. You should realize it is quite significant to develop the good habit of backing up iPhone o...

3 Cool Tips For You To Better Experience WeChat App

Recently, more and more people prefer to WeChat for communication with their friends and relatives. The most important reason I think is that WeChat has more cool and interesting features which enables you to better experience WeChat app, compared with other similar social apps like WhatsApp. When using WeChat, you can record funny moments and share those tiny videos with your friends. Also, you can start a video call with your friends, which is just like a face-to-face talk. Now, WeChat ...

Restore WeChat Missing Photos Due To iOS 9.2 Update

Help please. After update to iOS 9.2, some WeChat photis are missing. I just have an iTunes backup for my iPhone 6 before update. But I cannot access and restore only WeChat photos from iTunes backup. So can you help me to restore WeChat missing photos? Thanks. iPhone 6, iOS 9.2 After update to iOS 9.2, data loss problems happen frequently. Just as the above user, he lost some WeChat photos from iPhone 6 due to iOS 9.2 update, which made him upset and urgent to restore WeChat missing phot...

Is It Possible To Recover Deleted WeChat Contacts From iPhone?

Would appreciate anyone's help. I just deleted some WeChat contacts from iPhone accidentally. Those WeChat contacts are important to me. So can anyone help me to recover deleted WeChat contacts from iPhone? Thanks for your help. iPhone 6, iOS 9.2.  The question here whether it is possible to recover deleted WeChat contacts from iPhone? So when you are encountered with the WeChat lost problem, what do you do to get back deleted contacts from WeChat app? Actually, it is not difficult and co...