Delete WeChat Chat History Accidentally? Here Is How To Recover It


Hi there, I deleted part of my WeChat chat history accidentally from my iPhone. Can you show me how to recover them? I need the steps. Thanks. iPhone 6, iOS 9

Recently, more and more people write to ask the details to recover their iPhone lost WeChat chat history. Just as the above user, he accidentally deleted parts of WeChat conversations from iPhone and what he needed was to recover those lost WeChat history. Actually, it is not difficult to get back lost WeChat messages. Keep reading.

Once you find some WeChat chat history in your iPhone are deleted, the first thing is to turn on Airplane Mode just in case lost data being wiped or overwritten. Then, you can make a double guarantee to back up your iPhone data with iTunes or iFoneBackup.(Two methods to back up data from iPhone 6s without using iCloud) We don’t recommend you to use iCloud to do the backup work, for at present, more and more iPhone 6s owners have the data loss problem when restoring from iCloud backup. Anyway, just in case. Next, I will show you two methods to recover accidentally deleted WeChat history.

Recover deleted WeChat chat history from iTunes backup 

If you have an iTunes backup for those lost WeChat conversations, I think you can restore from your iTunes backup directly. But what you need to know is when you restore from iTunes backup, all data on your iPhone will be woped by the data from backup. So be cautious.

  • Launch iTunes. Plug in your iPhone to the computer.
  • Click Device tab in the left corner in the interface.
  • Just click Summary tab and then, click Restore Backup button to begin the process.

If you don’t want lose any data on your iPhone, you can follow the second method here. You can recover deleted WeChat history from your iPhone directly without erasing any data on your iPhone.


Recover accidentally deleted WeChat chat history with WeChat data recovery 

At present, there is a WeChat data recovery software which enables you to recover deleted WeChat messages, WeChat contacts and more from your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch directly. Also, you can use it to extract and restore lost WeChat data from your iTunes or iCloud backup without losing any data on your iPhone. Pretty professional.

It is necessary to download and install WeChat data recovery on your computer. Two versions are optional: Windows version and Mac version.

After installation it on your computer, now you can let WeChat data recovery software get back accidentally deleted WeChat messages.

  1. Launch WeChat data recovery. Choose Recover from iOS Device mode. Please connect your iPhone to the computer so as to scan and recover lost WeChat chat history from it. Click Start button to go.
  2. Scan WeChat messages from iPhone. Click on WeChat Messages to begin the scanning process.
  3. Preview and select deleted WeChat chat history to recover. After automatic scanning, now you can pick out those deleted WeChat messages and then, click Recover to PC button to finish the whole process.

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Other WeChat data like audio messages, photos, attachments can also be found with WeChat data recovery, pretty convenient and powerful.

6 thoughts on “Delete WeChat Chat History Accidentally? Here Is How To Recover It

  1. Xiaoxin Tang says:

    recover deleted chat history

  2. Chia Ee Vern says:

    can’t get registration code

  3. HancisCheah says:

    I accidentally deleted some of my wechat message, How could i restore back? Because it was a very important message for me. Hope can get your respond as soon as possible. Thank you

    1. HancisCheah says:

      It is a android phone. Huawei P9.

  4. Panicky says:

    Bought the software. Download and registered as a user. Not able to retrieve a single old Wechat message as claimed by advertiser. All the message retrieve are those still in the phone : (
    Its more like a back up function. Can any expert advise how I can retrieve my Wechat sms which I accidentally deleted 2 week ago?

  5. Prima says:

    Hye I would like to retrieve my previous voice chat and chats from we chat previously I was using a Lenovo phone kindly help

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