Is It Possible To Restore WeChat Lost Photos On iPhone?

Is it possible to restore WeChat lost photos on iPhone? Some users wrote to me to ask such a question. Recently, more and more people tend to use WeChat to send photos, tiny sights or blessing messages to their friends via WeChat. You have to admit that WeChat becomes much more important in our daily life. So how to restore WeChat lost photos on iPhone? Is there any chance? Yes, absolutely. You can definitely restore iPhone lost photos on WeChat app so long as you have an iTunes or iCloud...

How To Recover All My WeChat Conversation Without Using Backup?

  Got no memory left on my phone cuz WeChat has eaten it up? Don't want to lose contacts/messages. But I just delete some wechat conversations on my iPhone. It is too late  for me to back up. So can you help me to recover all my WeChat conversations without backup? Thanks. iPhone 6.  If you are a WeChat fan, you will find that WeChat messages including those photos, sights take up much space in your iPhone. So you need to clear them. Sometimes, you just delete WeChat conversations...

Can I Recover All Lost WeChat Messages After Uninstall WeChat App?

I want to take sights in WeChat with my iPhone but it stuck. So I thought it would be better if I reinstalled WeChat app. After I uninstalled WeChat, I realized that I did not do a backup for those WeChat messages. So can I recover all lost WeChat messages after uninstall WeChat app? Thanks for help. iPhone 6 Plus, iOS 9.1 So upset. It s never good to be impulsive just as this user. When he uninstalled WeChat app without backing up any WeChat conversations, is there any chance to get back...

Can I Use iCloud To Restore Accidentally Deleted Messages In WeChat App?

I accidentally deleted my messages in wechat app. Can I use iCloud to restore the messages in wechat app. My icloud back up did back up last time , the app is included but i wonder are all the messages in the app , will also be restored together with the messages I have deleted. iClouds mention that it back up the app data, so it is include the messages in the app ???  So can I use iCloud to restore accidentally deleted messages in WeChat app? As is known that iCloud is able to back up da...

How Can I Save My WeChat Messages And Contacts To Computer?

My iPhone's software has messed up during an upgrade and the restore doesn't work properly the phone glitches and lags.I don't want to have to erase all my wechat contacts and messages. So how can I save my wechat data from iPhone 6s Plus, iOS 9.1? Thanks.  Obviously, this user wants to save all WeChat messages and contacts from his iPhone. After upgrade, data from iPhone messed up. So how to help him save those WeChat contacts and messages he needs? Yeah, you can either back up those WeC...

How To Retrieve WeChat Messages From Stolen iPhone 6?

So my iPhone 6 got stolen this morning and it's not turned on for me to track it down, my question is that is there any way i could access my iPhone WeChat because I need to retrieve a few wechat messages which have to do with my work. Any suggestion would be helpful.  So upset. It happens frequently whenever a new iPhone is released, some people will lose their new iPhone just as the above iPhone 6 user. What she wants is to retrieve a few WeChat messages from her stolen iPhone 6 for tho...

Delete WeChat Chat History Accidentally? Here Is How To Recover It

Hi there, I deleted part of my WeChat chat history accidentally from my iPhone. Can you show me how to recover them? I need the steps. Thanks. iPhone 6, iOS 9 Recently, more and more people write to ask the details to recover their iPhone lost WeChat chat history. Just as the above user, he accidentally deleted parts of WeChat conversations from iPhone and what he needed was to recover those lost WeChat history. Actually, it is not difficult to get back lost WeChat messages. Keep reading....

How To Restore WeChat Photos From My iTunes Backup Selectively?

I have used iTunes to back up WeChat data from my iPhone. But now, I just need to restore only WeChat photos from the iTunes backup. I don't want to erase other new added data to my iPhone. So can you show me the detailed steps to restore WeChat photos from my iTunes backup? Thanks. iPhone 5s, iOS 9. Actually the question here is quite simple: how to restore WeChat photos from iTunes backup selectively? Recently, as WeChat has become more and more popular, more and more people have proble...

Is It Possible To Retrieve Deleted Images Or Chats From WeChat?

Some images and chat were deleted  from my iPhone. No iCloud backup for it. I once synced my iPhone to iTunes but I cannot make sure whether I had an iTunes backup for my wechat images and chat. So is it possible to retrieve deleted images or chats from WeChat? iPhone 5s, iOS 9. Thanks for help.  It is not difficult to extract the question from the above post: is it possible to retrieve deleted images and chat from WeChat on iPhone? I noticed that this user did not have an iCloud backup f...

Can I Recover Deleted WeChat Contacts From iPhone 6s Plus/6s?

I have some WeChat contacts deleted from my iPhone 6s and I am urgent to recover them. But I don't know how. Can you offer me the steps to get back deleted wechat contacts from my iPhone? Thanks in advance. I have no backup for my wechat data, so is there any chance?  Absolutely, without any backup for your deleted WeChat contacts, you still have the chance to recover lost WeChat contacts from your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus. Nowadays, more and more people tend to use WeChat to contact w...